Abingdon Town Centre Shop Changes in 2017 (11th annual review)

2017 was not such a good year with more business losses than gains in Abingdon town centre . But then 2 businesses will open early in the new year and are being kitted out
Changes in 2017
Press on Changes in 2017 for a bigger (pdf) version of the map showing the changes.

Green is a shop that was vacant at the start of the year which is now occupied.
Yellow means a change of business.
Red is a vacant shop premises that was occupied at the start of the year.

Change in 2007 ( 6 green, 5 yellow, 10 red ) – Net Loss 4
Change in 2008 ( 10 green, 8 yellow, 13 red ) – Net Loss 3
Change in 2009 ( 9 green, 6 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Gain 3
Change in 2010 ( 9 green, 6 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Gain 4
Change in 2011 ( 2 green, 8 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Loss 3
Change in 2012 ( 6 green, 1 yellow, 7 red ) – Net Loss 1
Change in 2013 ( 6 green, 8 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Change 0
Change in 2014 ( 6 green, 8 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Change 0
Change in 2015 ( 6 green, 8 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Change 0
Change in 2016 ( 10 green, 5 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Gain 5
Change in 2017 ( 3 green, 6 yellow, 7 red ) – Net Loss 4

Welcome to:
Annie at the Boathouse
Costa (in front of the Old Gaol – late 2016 but forgot to add to map in 2016)
Delicious Abi
New in 2017
Papa Johns
Sean Antony (second shop)
Willow’s Shakeshop
New in 2017

Goodbye to:
AAH Printer Solutions
Acacia UK – until rebuilt after fire damage
New in 2017
Chinese Kitchen – work to reopen as new business in progress
Dapper Street
Kemp & Kemp
Patisserie Pascal
Outdoor Traders – work to reopen as new business in progress
New in 2017
White Horse Exotics

Move to new premises:
Polski Skleb Zubr

Change to similar business in same premises:
Eboni Marni (replaces Velvet Creations)
Helen’s Beauty (replaces Retreet)

(let me know any mistakes in this annual roundup)

8 thoughts on “Abingdon Town Centre Shop Changes in 2017 (11th annual review)

  1. Gareth Williams

    Anyone know who is going in the Chinese Kitchen unit? I heard the air ambulance charity are taking outdoor traders.

  2. Andrew L

    I noticed that the guitar shop was gone today. The trouble is that as Abingdon loses these shops it becomes less and less interesting and there are fewer reasons to shop there.

  3. Elsie

    The shops will only remain open if we buy locally & use independant coffee houses rather than the chain ones .Lets all try shopping in one of the new stores when we visit Abingdon.

  4. Joseph

    This is a great review, thanks. Have you looked at OpenStreetMap? It’s a map of the world (similar to Google Maps, etc), but anyone can edit it and anyone can use the resulting data for whatever they want. As such, it’s a collaborative effort. Abingdon is well covered, but needs the details of shops, etc, keeping up to date: http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/51.66990/-1.28302 This is on my to-do list..

  5. Remade Guitars

    It is indeed true that Remade Guitars are moving from our Abingdon home and relocating to Dolgellau. Apologies for messing up your annual review by doing it on the last day of the year.
    Good news is that we are not completely deserting Oxfordshire as once a month you will find us popping up at Glasshouse Studios in Cumnor to do repairs and setups and sell some interesting stuff. I’ll update our website with some more details when I next get a minute off from loading boxes into a van 🙂
    I have genuinely enjoyed being part of the independent trading landscape of Abingdon and I will miss it. The decision to leave was a difficult one and was not down to one particular factor, although things coming together to make the move to Dolgellau possible was a big part of it. Ultimately Abingdon is not (for me at least) able to compete with the clean air, stunning scenery, supportive council, businesses who work together effectively without the need to pay a levy for the privilege of doing it and lower business overheads (seriously, even my business insurance is 20% less!) of our new home in North Wales.
    Thanks for your support over the past 7 years and it would be great to see you all sometime in Dolgellau or Cumnor.

  6. Daniel

    Well, I’ll miss your presence remade guitars. Let us hope that someone heard your message; they could learn a lot. Good luck in the Dolgellau!


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