Akong – A Remarkable Life, and Christian Aid Petition to Banks

A Showing of the film Akong – A Remarkable Life, will take place on Tuesday, 14 November 2017, at 7.30 – 9.30 pm, in the Garden Room at St Ethelwold’s House. This feature-length documentary captures the fascinating life of Akong: a teacher, spiritual leader and doctor of Tibetan medicine. Entrance is by donation, with all money going directly to the Akong Memorial Foundation https://akongmemorialfoundation.org/
Christian Aid Petition
On Saturday 18th November there will be a Christian Aid petition asking the big banks how they use our money. It has already been signed by people at some of the town’s churches and the organisers are looking to get lots more comments and signatures on the Market Place.

Kindness Day is on 13th November in the UK. World Kindness Day is on the same day. Visit Kindness Day UK for more.

8 thoughts on “Akong – A Remarkable Life, and Christian Aid Petition to Banks

  1. Janet

    Britain is a weird country. Most people turn a blind eye to those in need in this country. Homelessness has risen dramatically. Very little social housing has been built for people on low wages. Councils have had their budgets cut and as in Oxford accommodation has been cut for those on the streets. Simon House which provides 52 beds for the homeless and funded by Oxfordshire County Council but will be decommissioned by 31 March 2018. It is a disgrace that we have people forced to sleep in doorways. We send Millions in foreign aid abroad some for spurious causes and yet ignore the destitute in this country.

  2. Janet

    I went to Abingdon market this morning andI spoke to Ken the homeless man in Abingdon and gave him some money for some food. What have you done today Davidofluton?

  3. John

    That was kind of you, Janet, and I hope your next move was to give at least an equal amount to someone further away, via Christian Aid or Oxfam or similar. And David, no answer required. This is not a strictly-come-giving contest.

  4. ppjs

    0.7 of one penny for overseas aid as against 99.3 pence for the rest. That is, for every pound we spend on overseas aid, we spend £141.86 on other government business.

    Of course, overseas aid expenditure needs to be properly monitored – but so does all HMG’s budget.

    There are currently about 4100 people sleeping rough in the UK – and I agree with Janet that we need to help them. However, if we think about refugees, the victims of war and oppressive regimes, there are millions of people in desperate need (latest UNCHR estimate 22.5 million). I imagine we can afford 0.7 per cent of our national budget.

  5. newcomer

    It doesn’t matter how much is spent, it’s how it’s spent.

    We live with the constant dull dripping background noise of Goverment’s incompetence as our soundtrack.

  6. Angela

    Can I use this topic to plug the Friends of Abingdon Citizens Advice Winter warmth project, which has now run successfully for the last two winters.?
    This project is aimed at helping those locally, on very low incomes, who will suffer badly now the cold weather is starting to bite.
    The project invites those who receive a Government Winter Warmth supplement – ie all who receive a pension – regardless of income, to donate it to the project.
    Citizens Advice Abingdon (CAA) will give it to those those who really need it specifically to help with their fuel bills.

    Recipients can be referred by Age UK, or their doctors, or Social Services.Their needs are assessed by fully trained CAA advisers.


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