11th November – Armistice Day at the war memorial

11th November - Armistice Day
The First World War, which had begun on 28th July 1914, ended this day, ninety nine years ago, on 11th November 1918.

This war involved the great world powers of the time. Over 9 million combatants died, and many millions more were permanently disabled. Over 7 millions civilians across Europe and other war zones were killed. Many millions more were injured, and made homeless as a result of the war to end all wars.

Hostilities ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 with the signing of the Armistice. And so at that hour today people gathered round the war memorial in Abingdon for a minute silence.

The formal Remembrance Day ceremony is tomorrow.
11th November - Armistice Day
Scattered around the war memorial somebody had laid wool poppies, one for each named person on the war memorial. People were invited to take one.
11th November - Armistice Day
Here is the one for A W Carter next to his gravestone at Abingdon’s Old Cemetery.
11th November - Armistice Day
A report from the Reading Mercury of 8th January 1916 tells of his funeral.

2 thoughts on “11th November – Armistice Day at the war memorial

  1. firebrand

    Attended the ‘ceremony’ this morning and stood at the memorial in the drizzle, the least I could do to remember those fallen in the mud of the Great War, but I have to say that after the two minutes silence when the Town Criers’ bell rang, there was no oration to mark the event and we just dispersed into the town with an empty feeling. However, I was most impressed to hear the tolling bell, half muffled before the 11 o’clock silence coming from St Nicks Church, then a peal after the event, most impressed! I hope for better next year on the 100th Anniversary of the end of that war.

  2. firebrand

    Thank you for taking my comment down, I will submit the very same words to the Abingdon Town Clerk to see if I get any response, my contribution was not obnoxious or rude in any way, but free speach so hard fought for seems to have vanished in this country for ever, shame!!


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