Old Abbey House – lead removed

Old Abbey House
The lead appears to have disappeared from the roof of Old Abbey House Porch, and an attempt has been made to remove the lead from the window. The building has not been used a great deal since Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council moved out in June 2014. The Vale of White Horse did make efforts to sell it at that time but withdrew it from sale after protests . There was the hope that a community minded group would be able to take it over for an arts centre of something similar.

There are also signs round the back that the flat part of the roof has been disturbed.

9 thoughts on “Old Abbey House – lead removed

  1. Dave

    Welcome to Abingdon on Thames Tourists. Enjoy the Abbey gardens before they too are allowed to fall into decay by neglect.
    Is there any hope that this last part of the Town can be saved from the seemingly never ending march of the developers grasp.
    The Vale seem to have endless funds for other Towns within their compass, all we seem to have is the adjacent Portland stone box, which no one seems to want, or so it would appear.

  2. Daniel

    …I always hoped that The Veil would take the lead…but instead someone has taken the lead…

    But the flowers (in the photo) look lovely…so let us not grumble.

  3. pjh64

    Need to replace with fibreglass type material made to look like lead.

    Had this problem – this approach solves it.

    That, or putting 1,000 volts through the lead after dark.

  4. Badger

    pjh64 – Why stop at 1000, they’d never do it again… however the Veil would have to subcontract a corpse collection service to Biffa.

  5. davidofLuton

    Lead is a very inefficient conductor of electricity. If memory serves, it is only about 7% conductive, where copper is the benchmark at 100%.

  6. Dave

    When I walked past it last Thursday afternoon I noticed someone had had a go at it. Seems they’ve been back.

    Is there no CCTV that way?

  7. The real another Steve

    As far as I know, the last time the lead was nicked it was replaced with a lookalike composite. Perhaps a sign saying ‘not real lead’ would help but probably not allowed in a conservation area.


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