Behind Alison Clare

Energy Efficient
Down the narrow alleyway behind the Alison Clare Hair Studio, at the top of the Vineyard, there was once a 1970’s commercial building.
Energy Efficient
The building was last used commercially by a supplier of energy efficient boilers. It was also used, during the 2015 general election, as the HQ of the local Lib-Dems.
Energy Efficient
The building stood alongside other commercial buildings until Penlon moved and the area behind became ‘Penlon Place’.

After redevelopment it could become ‘Lib-Dem Place’ if previous usage counts.

4 thoughts on “Behind Alison Clare

  1. John Styles

    Do you remember the office block on the corner of Kennet Road and Radley Road – it was demolished and replaced by flats? It was very 60s

  2. Another Steve

    It was the offices for Cowley Concrete Co and stayed there as an office block when ‘Kennet Green’ Estate was built. I can’t remember the name now but I think something to do with electronics. It was knocked down end of 1990s and flats built.

  3. John Styles

    Yes, it was just the office block left when we moved here. I think it was empty for at least a couple of years before it was demolished. I think I had a peek at the big pile of post sitting by the letter box and it looked like it was probably an electronics company.
    Weirdly I don’t think I knew that was called the Radley Green estate until a couple of days ago, now of course I am seeing that name all over the place.


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