Out for a spin on Boxing Day

Boxing Day
At the annual Boxing Day gathering of MGs, on Abingdon Market Place, some of the cars had their tops down.
Boxing Day
It is a social event for the MG Car Club, and a chance to take the cars out for a spin.
Boxing Day
Sailing boats from Abingdon Sailing Club also went out for a spin on the River Thames at Abingdon.
Boxing Day
After a mild Christmas Day, Boxing Day was sunny, and lots of people left the house to get some fresh air in Abingdon.

1 thought on “Out for a spin on Boxing Day

  1. jim humphreys Abingdon Town Crier

    Sorry if I am at the wrong comment site. I am lead to believe that an event notice for Abingdon Bowls Club against the Mayor and Councillors has been on the blog saying this event was going to take place in Oxford. This was not correct as it will be held at the Abingdon Bowling Club, Albert Park on the 4th of August 2017.
    I have been asked to make contact and point this out as I should be taking over as Chairman of the Bowls Club in March.


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