Slimming World and Heritage Open Day were on the Market Place this Saturday

Slimming World
There were two gazebos on the Market Place this Saturday. One with red and white balloons, and one with pink and blue balloons.. There was Slimming World with Kevin. Kevin has lost 5 stone himself and so wants to support others who want to loose weight. He is fairly rare in being a male slimming consultant.
Hester, Ruth, and me had the stall to let people know about the Medieval Festival, and Heritage Open Day on September 10th.
We met lots of interesting people including the Deputy Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames, Councillor Jan Morter, her escort, and Duncan Brown. Duncan was the Mayor a few years ago, and has started his own website and blog called The Civic Coach where he gives training and helps Councillors and Mayors to be the best civic dignitary that they can be.
We had a good morning giving out leaflets, and catching up on local news. Then thunder clouds darkened the skies, and rained heavily on anybody standing in the open.

4 thoughts on “Slimming World and Heritage Open Day were on the Market Place this Saturday

  1. Hester

    Providing this sort of training for our “civic dignitaries” sounds an excellent idea – some of them will have had suitable training and experience in their “day jobs”, but for those who haven’t it must be quite a challenge. They get a lot of flak when they don’t do things right, but how many of us would want to be in that position without training or back-up?

  2. OutOfTown

    Up towards Wootton we had a hailstorm, hailstones were so big that cars were damaged.
    Did that affect anyone else?

  3. QM

    We had hailstones nearly as big as golf balls in Drayton, thought they were going to come through the conservatory roof! Luckily the car windscreens were O.K, all my dog did was bark constantly until they subsided.


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