Trouble on the A34 after the A4183

Trouble on the A34
We travelled back to Abingdon today, after a two week holiday in Ireland (6 posts in the Not Abingdon Blog show some of our time there).

The journey from the ferry at Hollyhead went very well, but on reaching the M40 warnings appeared of delays on the A34 after the A4183. I wondered if we could avoid the trouble by turning off beforehand, It took me a while to realise the A4183 was the Abingdon turn off. A broken down vehicle was blocking the A34 afterwards.

18 thoughts on “Trouble on the A34 after the A4183

  1. Guido

    I have just seen this in the Herald….Abingdon Town Council agrees to review policy following rainbow flag controversy. So bullying tactics by minority groups DO work then?
    And before the wishy washy liberal lefties start to berate me again..i have absolutely nothing against the LGBT community…BUT I do object to ANY group, minority or otherwise, forcing it’s views upon everyone! If that is their choice then so be it…why do they need to (literally) “shout” it from the rooftops??? If you want to be accepted and part of the community, then why oh why do you need to force the town to do something that will put you in the spotlight as being someone “different”?? Still, it is nice that Nicola has finally shown some interest in the town…. for whatever reason.
    You would have thought that this town (And Nicola), would have far more important things to worry about than whether a flag is or isn’t flown….obviously not!
    Ps Welcome back, Backstreeter, hope that you have fully recharged your camera batteries!

  2. Mr Smith

    Poignant post as today’s news says 4 dead on the A34. When will something be done about speed limits and junction improvements?
    It would be better if Blackwood, et al, campaigned for something of value to save lives, instead of PC piffle as per Guido’s comment.

  3. Guido

    That’s it play the “You’re a racist/homophobe/insert-whatever-label-you-like-here card…passive bullying again i call that…

  4. ppjs

    Guido: There’s nothing wishy-washy about being a liberal; it’s an extremely tough position – and there are very few about…

  5. Lyle Lanley

    I was, by the grace of god, only a minute or so behind this terrible accident yesterday 🙁

    It happened on a clear road, in perfect conditions.

    Its not the road, or the speed limit, its the poor driving standards.

    People driving nose to tail, with no thought for what happens if they need to stop quickly.

    An absolute tragedy for all those involved.

  6. ppjs

    Thanks for the information, Lyle; never drive so fast that you can’t stop in the distance you can see to be clear….

  7. Pat

    I believe there is something called the “2 second” rule. Watch the vehicle in front pass a certain point and make sure that there is a good 2 seconds before you pass the same point.

  8. ppjs

    The two second rule is in good conditions; in the wet double it, in ice or snow multiply by ten.

    Sorry, I am the Training Officer for RoSPA’s advanced driving course in the Thames Valley Group….

  9. Spike S

    To reinforce the “2-second Rule” there used to be prominent chevrons and associated signs on the Northbound A34 downhill stretch between Harwell and Didcot. They have been removed relatively recently. Probably because it was a waste of paint as too many drivers ignored the advice.

    The Scandinavians say that if you have to use your windscreen washers to clear slush from ahead, you are too close to the vehicle in front !

  10. ppjs

    Driving northbound this afternoon (about 16.00), there was another road traffice incident [RTI] between East Ilsley and Wantage slip roads – a car about five feet up in the banking turned through 180 degrees, with police and ambulance in attendance. Road and weather condiditons were good, so it looks like driver error yet again (as is the case with 99% of RTIs). BBC News featured a petition for better safety arrangements. It is odd that there are overtaking restrictions for HGV/LVGs on the northbound carriageway in this area but not on the southbound.

    The police officers I have spoken to dread working on this stretch of the A34 because there is no hard shoulder, so any incident happens in a live lane and therefore means that there will be closures – often of the entire carriageway. There have been 56 partial or total closures in the last five years – pretty well one a month.

    Is there anyone out there who would like to help improve driving standards?

  11. Daniel

    …more houses and no infrastructure should help ppjs. As long as there’s a profit, let’s not allow sense or safety to get in the way of *that*!

  12. Daniel

    only if it doesn’t cost anything ppjs. Ideally we’ll need a consultant to tell us that it is “worth it” to do so, in the first instance.

    So, how do we help to improve driving standards? I am always interested in anything people have to say.

  13. ppjs


    Come on an advanced driving course and discover a system of car control which will keep you (and other roadusers) safe while you make good progress on your journey. It will cost you some time and effort and less than the price of a tank of petrol.

    Further details on what we do,and how you can benefit are to be found on – I look forward to meeting you at our next induction day on 22 October in Marcham.


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