Guildhall Consultation – July 2016

The Abbey Hall was built alongside the older Guildhall rooms in 1965 to replace facilities at the Victorian Corn Exchange when it was demolished to make room for the Bury Street Shopping Centre.
Guildhall Consultation
Fifty years on The Abbey Hall is about to have a major revamp. Planning permission has been given for the changes which, from the outside, get rid of the ugly concrete ramps, and open up the ground floor with floor-to-ceiling glass.
Guildhall Consultation
Yesterday there was a consultation, and Cllr Mike Badcock, Leader of Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council, was there to explain the new plans and listen to feedback.
Guildhall Consultation
The  consultation was in the Roysse Room and people could look at the plans. Specifically at this stage the town council are looking for adjustments that would make it work better for Community Groups.
Guildhall Consultation
They also want to see whether there is approval from residents for adding another £250,000 to the capital budget in order to make some further improvements to the overall inter-connectivity and better use of space where the current entrance foyer now is. To read more or give feedback download the July 2016 consultation document.

4 thoughts on “Guildhall Consultation – July 2016

  1. Hester

    I would be interested to know how many people went along to this or have commented online. It was fairly well publicised, certainly to readers of this blog and others which those interested in such matters usually follow.

    I know I am repeating myself, but it is important that when a council does offer an opportunity for us to comment, we do so….

  2. Daniel

    I can’t speak for everyone else…but I did not go to this, and I did not go to the 900 homes do-da either, as, I have no faith that it will make any difference.

    I would go if I were interested to know “what was planned”, but I’m not, overly.

    The decisions are already made, regardless of what I may think of them.

  3. patlon

    This is why I have not been looking at this blog because of the cynicism. I took part in the decision-making yesterday evening and read through all the submitted comments and was influenced by them.

  4. Daniel

    If there are reasons not to be cynical….I think we need to hear them!!

    The only way *not* to be cynical… is to decide to think that everything’s great. I’ve tried that…. and the flowers really do look lovely this year!

    There… Everything’s rosy… even the roses.


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