Summer Holidays 2016

Summer Hols
At the start of the summer holidays, one visitor from Glasgow was visiting friends in Abingdon. They went up to the roof of the County Hall to admire the 360° views. Apparently, we are having better weather than Glasgow.
Summer Hols
There was also a large group of visitors from the Brentford and Chiswick History Society exploring East St Helen Street and the River Thames in Abingdon.
Summer Hols
There are similarities in the aspects of the houses to the River Thames. It helps give them an impression of what Chiswick might have looked like in centuries gone by.

People are leaving Abingdon for foreign parts at the start of the school holidays. There were huge queues at Dover as the great getaway met tight security and not enough border guards. Also in 2016, post Brexit, we will not be as many Euros to the pound, but people coming here can get a bargain. No better time for visiting Abingdon.

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  1. Fiona Davies

    I’m not normally a fan of hanging baskets but the display of flowers in the town centre today is magnificent. Hanging baskets, boxes and beds are all full of colourful blooms. Although on our way out of town in the car, we did an extra circuit of the town to fully appreciate the floral feast. Well done to everyone who contributes to putting on such a show.


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