More Coffee Shops than Hairdressers

More Coffee Shops
Where Stroll In once was, a new coffee and snack place looks nearly ready to open on Abingdon Market Place. I can see the day coming when there will be more coffee shops than hairdressers in Abingdon Town Centre.
More Coffee Shops
The lights in the ex Co-op supermarket were on this evening. The Co-op closed in July last year, and back then there was speculation that Wilkinson or Iceland would soon move in, but that did not happen. Then some people thought it would be refurbished and Poundland would move across. I have not heard the latest rumours.

20 thoughts on “More Coffee Shops than Hairdressers

  1. Reductio ad absurdum

    I think the Co-op is going to be used for an art exhibition in a week or so. No idea after that.

  2. Dave

    About 3/4 weeks ago I watched a group of about 25 file into the C0 op unit one morning. Could this have been an advance party on a recce. At least this might mean the unit is tidied up a bit, not before time.

    Anyone think another café in the town centre will help with the Guildhall development plan.

  3. Peter Del

    To me, opening a coffee shop in the corner doesn’t seem very sensible because in the summer they will not be able to put out tables and chairs, as they will block the passageway.

  4. ColinB

    Yesterday morning, I was in Abingdon, shopping. There was a lot of scaffolding up, painting/signwriting. Blocking the alleyway/passageway. Went next door to purchase a baguette. Peeked in as I left, noticed a board for Cornish Ice Cream.

  5. ColinB

    Wondering, what snacks/menu they will be offering, any different to all the others. What will they do differently to offer customers.

  6. Daniel

    …perhaps they’ll offer haircuts? That, at least, would put them a cut above the competition….

  7. Mary

    I think the new cafe are going to be allowed to put table and chairs in front of the phone box. From what I gather they will be selling waffles and ice cream ( and maybe the odd coffee!), not sure what else. It’s a couple who are starting up so all the best to them. Ice cream and a haircut, now there’s an idea.

  8. Hester

    When I was a child in Scotland there was a long-established local Italian family who ran both ice-cream shops and hairdressers – not in the same premises though – probably too much risk of mixing up whipped cream and shaving soap?

  9. Captainkaos2

    Don’t write the new place off before its opened, this is the owners first venture and they will need our support, besides that what competition do they have? Costa? Dreadful place, Java, too small and not very good, Throwing buns seem to open and close when they want (and it is expensive) I think they will do very well,

  10. Mike G

    Really like the old Stroll Inn but, frankly, I would rather see loads of coffee shops than empty lots!

  11. Chuffy

    The new coffee shop looks really nice. Based on how busy Java and Costa are, there is certainly the demand. New place sounds like it’ll be offering more lunchtime eating options than Java or Costa’s sandwich ranges.

    Rosie’s is still very popular. Hard to get a table in there on a Saturday afternoon.

    Also the Chab Tai (spelling might be off) have opened their coffee shop in the lot below the restaurant (site of the short lived Frozen Yogurt place). Looks interesting.

    Captainkaos2 – while I prefer not to use a chain, Costa still serves the best coffee in Abingdon in my opinion. Plus the very friendly staff give it a local feel.

  12. Elsie

    Don’t forget The Lounge Café on Bath Street, a little bit of calm and some wonderful photography to look at over your cuppa.

  13. ColinB

    Not forgetting The Mousehole. Basement or tea on top of the Museum…I am not writing anything off, If they are open when I am off work, I will try it.

  14. ColinB

    Also Crumbs in High Street,(More of sandwiches/ and coffee, and fry ups-breakfasts. 35 Ock Street.

    Rare for me to visit Abingdon of a morning or afternoon. Unless I am off work. Walked through the Abbey Park into Abingdon. Longer way round via the lock..

  15. ColinB

    R&R plan to open tomorrow. (Saturday). They will sell Cornish Ice Cream and ‘specialise’ in Crepes’. If they sell Waffles and Ice Cream, I will pay a visit ;-).

  16. Gerrald

    Captainkaos2 Typical of you to say not to wright the new place off and then to wright off all the other very good businesses we already have. I personally wish all the coffee shops and other businesses luck in Abingdon. I wonder if CaptainKaos2 always supports the new comers to the town because out of politeness they are the only ones who to listen to his BS!

  17. Captainkaos2

    Get a life Gerald, I had a most enjoyable lunch time there yesterday along with my family and friends too and in the evening I took another friend to Wildwod restaurant for a meal, Friday evening was spent in the nags head, during the week I bought a fairly expensive book from mostly books, my wife spent quite a bit on gifts from Finnishing Touch as well as all our bread from Patisserie Pascal, she also bought two pairs of shoes from Clarks, we use the gym in town, buy our flowers from Fab Flowers, how much did you spend in Abingdon last week?


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