Youth Speaks – Public Speaking Competition

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The local round of Youth Speaks, a national public speaking competition for schools, sponsored and organised by Abingdon Rotary Club, took place last Friday at Steventon Village Hall.

Four Abingdon schools took part, Abingdon, Larkmead, Our Lady’s and St Helen and St Katherine. Three of these schools fielded both an intermediate and a senior team, with Abingdon School fielding just a senior team.

Each team consisted of three speakers, an introducer, a main speaker and a summariser. Topics were varied, including the search for aliens, dementia, body building and the limits to our knowledge.
Youth Speaks
The winners of the intermediate category were Larkmead whose team gave a very amusing presentation on the subject of body language, with many demonstrations.
Youth Speaks
The senior category was won by the team from St Helen and St Katherine. They gave a most informative and moving presentation on the subject of female health issues in the third world.

Abingdon Rotary Club President, Chris Ronaldson, awarded the prizes, and the winning teams will take part in the next round which takes place in Witney on the 28th January.

6 thoughts on “Youth Speaks – Public Speaking Competition

  1. Iain

    Great to see this sort of event happening – well done to the Rotary Club for organising, and to Larkmead and SHSK.

    Particularly good to see one of our state schools both competing and winning.

  2. Nick

    Good stuff to actually see the private schools competing with the local state schools; we need to see closer working in education across Abingdon and I am sure there is lots more we could do. Well done to the Rotary Club for organising. I would be interested to know if it is open invite because I might go along and watch the next one.

  3. Annabel

    It’s the annual Young Enterprise Trade Fair at Templars Square Cowley this Saturday – Abingdon, SHSK and OLA will all be there, plus assorted other schools from Oxfordshire. I don’t see Larkmead, John Mason or Dunmore in those taking part though.

  4. Lin

    Well Done to Larkmead School and to St Helen and St Katherine. Goodluck to both in the next round of Youth Speaks in Witney!

  5. Iain

    Just to provide an update for those interested – Larkmead’s team also won last nights round at Witney.

    Very well done – an exceptional performance and a credit to our town.


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