Best One becomes Bargain Booze

Tesco Extra
The Ox Pub, on the Oxford Road in Abingdon, became a Tesco Express about four years ago.
Tesco Extra
Since that time another convenience store, called the Best One, has managed to continue trading two doors away. But in the last few days the Best One has changed to a Bargain Booze.

12 thoughts on “Best One becomes Bargain Booze

  1. Captainkaos2

    Welcome to the world of counterfeit Vodka & Gin & selling alcohol to minors! Why would any business choose to take on the likes of Tesco next door unless they had a trick or two up their sleeve ? Sorry to be negative folks but this is poor use of that property.

  2. Steven

    Yes I too was saddened to see the opening of this establishment, that this part of town was now awash with alkies and the proletariat. I do hope the neighbourhood receives the help and support it so badly needs

  3. Anon


    I would like to point out that considering the state and neglect of Abingdon’s business community the fact that another business providing valuable employment (even on a small scale) has opened. This is no bad thing and far better than I deserted unit slowly decaying through neglect.

    I take offence of your characterisation of this part of town as “awash” with “alkies”. I have lived here many years and I have only seen one or two unfortunate individuals living with this burden. This could be said to be true of any street in England.

    As to to your casual snub of “the proletariat”, I would like to point out that any member of this society working hard and earning a wage (i.e. a member of the proletariat, ref: is to be valued rather than looked down upon and derided (and I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here) out of ignorance.

    TLDR: Knee jerk assumes and off the cuff social stereotyping are bad, m’kay?

  4. John Styles

    I did once or twice park in the Tesco but go into the convenience store – it was pretty grim. It is not as though some lovely corner shop was driven out of business by the brutal forces of Tesco, sadly.

    Also, am I alone in thinking that the Oxford Road Tesco is much more inviting than the Wootton Road one – some ineffable market segmentation at work?

  5. Badger

    That shop is too far out for your discerning town centre morning drinker who wishes to just saunter up the Vineyard past the BP garage and into the Londis, purchase some competitively priced Special Brew or Cider or whatever falls readily to hand, decamp to the short wall at the corner of Withington Court at the entrance to The Motte and then watch the world go by with some refreshment at hand.

  6. Badger

    Looking online at their prices I’m struggling to find a bargain compared to Tesco main store offer prices at present, although I do know that ‘Express’ stores follow a different elevated pricing structure so may be more expensive, I guess ‘Bargain Booze’ is just a modern off licence, not sure if I’d have opened up next to another store selling alcohol at similar prices with similar opening hours. Puzzling indeed unless CK2’s post above is true and correct.

  7. simon

    Both Best One and Bargain Booze are franchise operations, so probable that it was just a decision to change which firm they were operating with, still amazed that they can operate two doors down from Tesco

  8. Rosie

    The convenience store was there long before Tesco. There was even a brief attempt at saving The Ox. The owners have struggled bravely on but takings are down and the only way to make the store brighter was dealing with BB.
    It is a shame that Tesco is driving out so many small stores.


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