Thames Source to Sea Relay via Abingdon

Thanks to Suzanne and Rob for this report from 4 days ago.

“My husband, Rob, our cat Lolly and myself took our boat upstream to Sandford and on Wednesday collected a bottle of Thames source water that is making it’s way downstream via different river users.

There is more information about its journey at: ). Our task was to safely carry the bottle from Sandford Lock to Abingdon Lock where it would be looked after for the night before continuing it’s journey the following day without us.

At Abingdon Lock Rob, of the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers, was met by his fellow Morris men and they danced (in the pouring rain) to entertain boaters passing through the lock, before the bottle of source water was officially handed over to (ex Morris dancer) Frank who was manning the Lock.

There are more photos (non-Morris) and also a couple of video clips of the dancing available on Suzanne’s blog:

1 thought on “Thames Source to Sea Relay via Abingdon

  1. Cassandra

    Looks really interesting!! I think I must live with my head in the sand…..I seem to miss everything that is going on lately.
    Perhaps I had better become a follower of the Morris side website because they seem to be involved in everything that happens locally!!


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