No Return Bus from Bus Consultation

Reductions in central government funding to Oxfordshire County Council mean that they need to cut services, and they are aiming to save a further £6.3m from bus subsidies.
Latest Bus Consultation
They have already reduced the Abingdon Town Bus Service (pictured above) so that the last bus finishes at 15:30.

They are now asking people what else can be cut. The options in the current consultation are:

  • Withdrawing bus subsidies altogether
  • Reducing funding to subsidised bus services – and adopting the principle of prioritising , where possible, services most likely to be used by the elderly and disabled 
  • Dial-a-Ride – Ending direct funding of the Dial-a-Ride service – encouraging community transport groups across the county to deliver a replacement service.

You can have your say on Wednesday 8th July at Abingdon Guildhall from 16:00-17:30.

More information at the Oxfordshire County Council’ Website.

It was pointed out to me that users of the Abingdon Town Bus Service have no return bus after 15:30.

6 thoughts on “No Return Bus from Bus Consultation

  1. Old Ghost

    I gather the meeting was advertised fairly heavily on the www – my elderly mother who relies on the buses doesn’t have internet access as with most of the older-older age group who rely on this. So no buses to get them to a meeting they don’t know about, at a time the working population can’t make. You couldn’t make it up really, could you?

  2. davidofLuton

    You know, given the fact that we are in an age of austerity and cuts, all in this together, tighten the belt etc, one wonders why the free bus travel for the elderly is declared off the table by the government?

    There are quite simple ways for councils to make considerable savings without removing the benefit entirely, including:
    1. Bringing the benefit in at a higher age.
    2. Instead of free travel, make it that the elderly pay child fare.
    3. Means testing the benefit.
    4. Having the elderly pay a notional flat fare, say a pound a trip.

    This is not likely to be popular, yet none of the cuts are popular – and other sections of society are expected to do their bit.

  3. Kelly Simpson

    The old system of tokens was better, so long as they have plenty. I know people with bus passes who just joyride on the buses eg get on the first one that comes and just go somewhere. Or even ride round and round meeting their friends for a chat. They weren’t meant for this and someone has to pay for it, including themselves if they are tax payers.

  4. Daniel

    There are many things I have to pay for as a taxpayer that I do not agree with. This though is something I’m not that fussed about.

  5. Cassandra

    Perhaps it should be recognized that the greater proportion of people who qualify age-wise for a bus pass may well have worked full-time (paying tax etc) for 45 years.
    This will probably be the only ‘benefit’ they have ever claimed. ( No ‘all encompassing’ benefit system was in place in the 1940s/50s/60s when they were growing up!!!!!)

  6. 2707

    Well said Cassandra!

    While we are being forced to stop clogging up the streets with our cars and use Park and Ride services, the people that supply those services cancel the bus services. Wow! Joined up modern thinking in action.

    If the elderly are using buses for a joyride, fair play to them. It sure beats Jeremy Kyle.


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