Coxeters Carpark – Customers Only

Coxeters Carpark
I was asked to pass on the advice that the Coxeters Carpark is a private car park for customers of Coxeter House. The car park is manned during the day …
Coxeters Carpark
but not in the evening and so there is no way to buy an evening ticket. Quite a few people have received fines in the last month or so.

So unless you are a Customer of a Coxeter based business you would be better off to use a council car park in the evening. They are free, without a ticket, from 6pm to 8am.

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  1. Colin Down

    Even as a Coxeter customer you still get a ticket in this car park. There was no attendant when I parked in the car park whilst I visited the bike shop and the gym to enquire regarding membership, however I still received a fine in the post. So I would like the poster of this to respond….

  2. Spike S

    “Quite a few people have received fines …” = Quite a few people have parked in the wrong place at the wrong time !

    The “I can park anywhere I want” brigade may need to reconsider. Abingdon is well served by (free) parking areas; I wish other towns were as considerate.

  3. Iain

    Paul – the law you are thinking of is about clamping which fairly recently stopped private landlords enforcing parking tickets by clamping, however they are still entitled to issue tickets and fines assuming they have necessary signage and licenses.

  4. Ishtar

    As far as I can remember this car park has always been a private one – I’ve lived in an around Abingdon for the last 40 odd years and I’ve never known it be for general use. It’s interesting that people are complaining about being fined.

    There are plenty of other places to park.

  5. Colin

    Not that long ago, there was someone on the gate of an evening. Charging £2 per car to park in evenings. (For ‘non’ customers Gym/Spice Valley).

  6. Astronaut

    I agree that people should only park there if they are a customer of Coxeters but I understood it that the charge, not fine, had to be be reasonable and reflect any actual costs incurred or lost not just a figure plucked out of thin air. Personally I’m not affected as I wouldn’t ever park there but just because they have a license, doesn’t necessarily make them legitimate……

  7. ppjs


    Thanks for the clarification; I knew there was some restriction. I agree with others who point out that there is plenty of free parking in Abingdon. It doesn’t take long to find two hours without charge…

  8. Rachel

    Ppjs – they can levy fines yes but as a private company they would have to take you to court to force you to pay it (which in reality they would,never do as it costs well over the £100 they will be looking to recover). They would issue you with a Parking Charge Notice, not to be confused with a Penalty Charge Notice (which is enforceable and only issued by councils).

    I am sure that common courtesy and common sense will continue to ensure that use of the Coxeter car park isn’t abused.

  9. Brian

    My wife was a innocent victim of one of these Penalty Charge Notice’s in Botley, Oxford & Rachel’s remarks #8 are perfectly correct but from our experience under no circumstances enter contact or correspond to the various threats, incentives of reduced fines or subsequent court orders you will receive, they are unlikely to materialise but as has been said repeatedly – park somewhere else !

  10. Hester

    Re comments 9 and 10, there is chapter and verse about all of this on the Citizens Advice website – I would suggest checking that out if you get a notice. While Rachel might be right that the company would not take you to court, if they did, and won, the judge would have the option to make you pay the costs.

  11. AniM

    Re comment 9 – never, never ignore a court order. Ignore threats by these companies of being taken to Court if you choose but an order that has been made by the Court – either County or Magistrates – can be enforced by Court authorised Bailiffs if ignored. Hester’s suggestion of checking out the CAB website is an excellent one.

  12. Peter Del

    ” incentives of reduced fines”
    I believe only a Court can issue fines, these are ‘charges’. If the word ‘fine’ appears anywhere on the ticket, it is almost certainly illegal.

  13. Remade Guitars

    As has already been said, the easiest solution is not to park there if you’re not visiting one of the businesses on the Coxeters site. However, mistakes do happen, so if you do get a penalty charge notice relating to a genuine visit to one of the relevant businesses don’t ignore it. Talk to the business you were visiting, I would certainly take up an incorrectly issued charge on behalf of one of my customers and I would like to think that my fellow tenants would do the same for theirs.

  14. PJ

    If anyone does receive an invoice from CPM (they are not fines), then I would suggest googling for a forum called “pepipoo” which has a lot of good information on fighting these.
    It would be great to think only those who shouldn’t park here get these invoices, I’d very very surprised if that was actually the case. These companies exist to issue invoices to the public as that’s where they make their money, they have little regard for who is rightfully parked there and who is not.

  15. T

    Hi , I just received a parking charge for parking for 1 HR 11 mins in Coxeters car park . I always used this carpark if I visited Abindon in the past . Often if I was not visiting Coxeters, I told the attendant I was going into town and happily paid my £1 fee . Having not visited Abingdon for quite a while, I parked here again . I found it slightly confusing at the time as I’m sure somewhere it said to pay in Coxeters ? Anyway I was in a hurry so went up and down looking for some sort of machine and ended up asking in the pet shop . The lady said I had an hour . By this time I was close to my appointment time so I went to that but obviously was over an hour . I’m not a frequent visitor and did not realise at the time that the multi story was 2hrs free parking . Can anyone tell me the set up of this car park? Is there an option to pay for parking ? Is there an attendant ? Thanks

  16. Becca

    Woo hoo!! I’ve been fined twice in the same month for using this car park when being a visitor of coxeter house!! make sure you let the business you are visiting aware that you are parking outside, as apparently you are to put your car reg details into their ipad which ensures you do not get a fine! – this was not made aware to me, but having called the business they have been more than helpful! wont be using this car park again however! I used to when dining at ASK! big no, no going forwards clearly.

  17. Colin

    My wife has just received a parking charge notice- we went for a meal at spice valley and we filled in the details on the ipad as requested.

    We will be taking up the matter with spice valley and UK car park management ltd.

    We definitely wont be going to spice valley again until this is resolved.

  18. nell

    I received one of these Parking Charge Notices from CPM yesterday. I used the car park, which always used to be free and only available for customers of coxeter complex, while popping into Seeneys Pet Shop for 15 mins on a Sat afternoon at approx 3pm. There was no attendant and i did not notice any specific signage at the time saying things had changed. The photos CPM provide are of me driving in and out of the entrance/exit so how do they know what shop i used. As i was buying a coat for my dog, I mentioned to Seeneys if i could fetch her out the car. They didn’t mention anything about signing in to an iPad etc. Therefore i will be disputing this parking charge notice. To add insult to injury, the notice states the discounted rate must be paid within 14 days of issue. The issue date was 17 Dec 2015, but i received the notice on 11 Jan 2016. At the time of writing I have not yet had time to contact Seeneys which i’m sure will be sympathetic to my situation.

  19. Nicola

    I received a fine, I was told I had 14 days to pay £60 and 7 days later received a letter to say I now owed £100, another dodgy car parking scheme. I’m sure this is a great money maker for the owner however it’s at the detriment of the businesses on this site. Yes you can put your reg number in an iPad but it doesn’t seem to make a difference CPM may still send you a letter. I would rather avoid Coxeters completely than waste precious time with unfair threatening letters. So far it’s happened to 5 people I know, those people tell their friends and so on and so on resulting in avoidance. And just when I was interested in joining results and having a curry oh well

  20. Frank

    Also got a fine, visited Abingdon for the first time in years, saw no attendant, could not find any information about how to register our car for parking. Thanks Coxeter we got the message we are not welcome, so we won’t ever be back again!

  21. Graham

    yes, i am another victim of car park ripoff fines
    I parked in this car park on my birthday for an evening meal at Lemoncello just across the road from this car park only to receive a letter from this car park management company
    i have also used this car park for many years without any problems , so to say that i am taking up a space for costomers of coxeters or a resident is a load of rubbish.
    As i see it this is purely to raise revenue for greedy car park companies. The time of parking was from 7.30 to around 10pm.i would also add that on my return the car park was virtually empty, so where are all these residents

  22. HP

    Same as above my husband and I met with friends for a meal to celebrate a friend having a successful operation for Cancer and parked in Coxeters. Parked up and went to Lemoncello we looked for a machine to pay so not being dishonest and wanted to pay a fee. Ended up with a £60 fine for 2 hours 57minutes. What a dishonest company… will never be going anywhere near the car park or the retailers there again. If the companies can support this type of behaviour then I am sorry I cannot shop in any of their stores and support them. Shocking extortionate behaviour which is not welcome in Abingdon !!!

  23. Richard Eaton

    I too parked at night for an hour and a half in Coxeters car park, unaware that any charges would be in force at that time. Quite apart from the facts that the new notice board is not illuminated and cannot easily be seen at night, and that the details about registering the vehicle are in smaller print, there is nowhere to register at night – as others have pointed out. The car park is never full during the evening and If it is some kind of community service which is intended then a simple chain across the entrance would suffice – not hidden cameras, and obscure arrangements.

  24. Jess

    Hi all

    I have recieved a parking charge notice for parking in this car park, however, we never recieved an original fine (the one i have currently is from a debt recovery plus Ltd) the charge is for £149 (not the £100 stated on the sign above) and the date for the parking charge is given as the 24/2/2016. I have prove that i was not in this car park on that given date (i will hold my hands up and say i did park there on the 21st) what should i do? None of this seems to be adding up. Thanks

  25. dkr87

    I got one on easter Friday at 9am at Bury St car park…as it was a bank holiday…and the car park was literally empty I thought I’d be fine to park their for 10 minutes when I went to shop…

    When I got back I had a ticket for £100…or £50 if paid immediately…

    I believe this was stuck onto my car by one of the shopowners who must have seen me park there.

    Regardless I won’t be paying a penny…as far as I’m aware they are a private company not the council.

    Furthermore because of the actions of whoever stuck this on my car I shall now take every opportunity to park there…especially now it’s apparent that any charges ‘they’ may throw at you are only enforceable via a long winded court process….



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