Nick Clegg and Layla Moran in The Albert Park

Thanks to Richard for this report …
Layla Moran
Nick Clegg started the local Lib-Dem election campaign from Albert Park in Abingdon today. He turned up in a very yellow bus.
Layla Moran
He gave a short speech and promoted the local Lib Dem candidate Layla Moran.
Layla Moran
They then proceeded down to Conduit Road where he attempted to erect a placard in the front garden of a house – where he had a few problems getting it to stand up in the hard ground.
Layla Moran
They then returned to the park where he gave interviews to the waiting cameramen and journalists. He was in Abingdon for a good hour and a half.

21 thoughts on “Nick Clegg and Layla Moran in The Albert Park

  1. Hester

    I am bemused why they – and a certain other party who were also in town yesterday – don’t publicise these things except apparently to their own network of supporters. I may be missing something but would have thought they would want to reach out to those who weren’t already supporting them – but what do I know?

  2. Old Ghost

    Ha, ha, aside the obvious risk of egg on face literally, our political class live in fear of the sweaty masses – far better to have us all watch the event on local tv later otherwise, heaven forbid, we may wish to engage in unscripted debate…
    It must be a quandary for non blue or orange supporters in Abingdon. Do you vote orange to keep the blue monster at bay and get another blue government or vote for another colour and get a blue MP and a blue government. Such is ‘democracy’ I guess. Luckily for me I now reside in the 3rd bluest seat in the uk and haven’t any need to think such things through, it matters not a fig what I think or desire.

  3. rudi

    shame evan harris didn’t return – at least he seemed to be a clever chap unlike our current mp who believes in the giant sky man.

  4. Geoff Bailey

    I wonder if our blue candidate will
    give anyone advance notice of whether she will turn up somewhere in her constituency before the election.Probably not.Presumably the local media only know about these happenings third hand.

  5. Janet

    Hester, you did make me laugh. OMG the unmentionable party, UKIP. Are there certain things that we can’t mention in Abingdon? Abingdon has a food bank, oh hush,we are not allowed to discuss these things.

  6. Hester

    Janet – as someone who spends many hours a week helping food bank users and other people who are in difficulties I would love to hear more discussion about the problems they are facing and more importantly – how to solve them. I think you may have misunderstood my lighthearted comment!

  7. Janet

    Hi Hester. Well done. There are lots of needing people who need help. My comment was meant to be lighthearted too.

  8. Neil Fawcett

    Hester – there are different rules for different events, but in this case it was primarily for security reasons that it wasn’t widely advertised in advance.

    In contrast the last time he came to Oxford for a ‘town hall meeting’ it was publicised widely in the local media in advance and many non-members attended.

  9. Craig

    I am not a natural LibDem but I have to say that when Layla canvassed at our house I was impressed by her and her thoughts on local issues.

  10. ColinB

    Who thought of the small addition & the team. All a bit pat each other on the back, carry on the fight. Do they still call them the ‘Battle Bus’??. Nobody has visted my door yet. Not even those that refuse to visit the Hustings and promising to ‘doorstep’ and visit public ‘events’. (Conservative Party). With so many I suspect an A3 voting form again this time….

    Still no NOA on the base. Despite all the promises made pre election. Followed by excuses why it was always the other parties who wouldn’t allow it…. I shall see on the day (see if my vote is counted and accepted).

  11. Neil Fawcett

    ColinB – the ‘& the team’ is because there are local elections as well as the general election and we wanted to emphasise that we work together as a team to represent each area.

    Our intention will be to get round the vast majority of the 41,000 households in the constituency by May 7th, but it is a mammoth task. Whenever we do go out doorknocking the door is answered in about a third, with the majority of the rest out and some just not answering.

    Since the start of this year we have doorknocked or phoned about 15,000 households.

  12. Chris W

    I was visited by some Lib Dem people a few weeks ago but as soon as they heard I hadn’t voted Lib Dem in the past it felt like they couldn’t get away fast enough.

    Was disappointed as I genuinely don’t make up my mind until a few days before so I do like to here all sides of the debate. Surely there is no point in just trying tracking down those people who already support your cause?

  13. Neil Fawcett

    Hi Chris W, sorry to hear that, it’s the opposite of the approach I take. I say a polite ‘thank you and goodbye’ to the ones who are supporting me and spend time trying to persuade the ones who aren’t yet convinced!

  14. Alastair

    Nice to see LibDem Cllr using ex-LibDem Cllr’s blog to promote his values…
    Surprised there aren’t more politicos on here canvassing for votes…


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