Fairtrade Events in Abingdon Today

Fairtrade Events in Abingdon
The cover of the Big Issue reminded us it is Fairtrade Fortnight – promoting products sourced in a way that’s better for the farmers, growers and workers involved.
Fairtrade Events in Abingdon
At St Helens Church there were Fairtrade products on sale, as well as a Big Brew.
Fairtrade Events in Abingdon
Oxfam have 20% off Fairtrade products during Fairtrade fortnight from 23rd February to 8th March.
Fairtrade Events in Abingdon
Oxfam also had a stall at St Ethelwolds where people could have afternoon tea, and take part in a baking demo with mostly Fairtrade ingredients.

Abingdon is a Fairtrade town.

1 thought on “Fairtrade Events in Abingdon Today

  1. Angela

    St Ethelwolds served the best cake 🙂
    Waitrose has 20% off all its Fairtrade wine and chocolate for Faitrade Fortnight but has no badged display, which seems a pity as it would help raise the Fairtrade profile.

    Fairtrade supporters will be pleased to note that all the wine on the tables at my Civic dinner last week was Fairtrade.


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