Last chance to comment on the Draft Local Plan 2031

A non political group has come together in North Abingdon – called the ‘North Abingdon Local Planning Group’ (NALPG).
Draft Local Plan 2031
At Long Furlong Community Centre on Saturday morning, at the same time as the 24 hour carols, there was the second of 2 drop in sessions to give local residents a chance to talk to members of NALPG.

They are opposing the Vale of White Horse (VWHDC) Local Plan 2031 because:

  • 1000 homes would be built in North Abingdon
  • Green Belt land is in danger
  • traffic congestion and air quality could be made worse

The 2031 plan has been approved by VWHDC, and now goes to the independent planning inspectorate. The plan can still at this late stage be changed – if demonstrated to be not ‘sound’ or not meeting legal requirements, which is why NALPG want people to comment.
Draft Local Plan 2031
Information is also available on their website to help people to comment. The deadline for comments is 19th Dec 2014 at 4:30pm.

NALPG members told me that these plans do not just effect North Abingdon. The plans could have a considerable effect on traffic and air quality in central and south Abingdon.

If VWHDC are NOT successful in securing the A34 full diamond interchange at Lodge Hill – a big unknown at this stage, then the peripheral road will become more like an estate road with roundabouts and crossings – possibly 30 MPH. It is anticipated that a lot of the new jobs will be to the south of Abingdon in places like Harwell, and Milton Park. That will result in more traffic heading from the new houses round the peripheral road, stopping traffic getting to the A34 from central and south Abingdon – making congestion and air quality worse all round.

The big question is where would the houses go if not on the Green Belt – close to North Abingdon.

11 thoughts on “Last chance to comment on the Draft Local Plan 2031

  1. newcomer

    I’m starting from the assumption that the Vale Cabinet (aka The Elected To Make Sure That Nothing Disturbs Our Rural Idyll Village People – Cowboys-All this time) really think that these houses need to be inflicted on Abingdon. They haven’t worked this out for themselves … they’re just mechanicals twitching to orders sent down the pipeline in the name of ‘Call Me Dave’s Office’ and are the same people who were busy scratching their unmentionables when the Drayton Road development was sneaked through. We all have nothing but contempt for these people. They are spineless.

    If you look at a map of Abingdon then anything on the other side of the river is mainly floodplain so not prime development land (an Oxfordshire Venice anyone?). To the East we have Radley College (and that’s not on, Chaps) and to the West we already have the numpty Drayton Road development. The North, to the A34, is sorta logical …

    … the main issue is the price this hopeless government and venal developers can be forced to pay (instead of blowing it on yet another war). A diamond interchange at Lodge Hill has to be their opening bid and far from a winning bid …

    I’m afraid I have no faith in Little Nicola’s efforts re. her posturing re. the A34 improvements ever getting round to a diamond interchange. Too close to an election anyone?

    Were I this group of ‘dangerous people’ I’d accept that there are going to be changes and hold out for the largest quid pro quo I could get in infrastructure.

    REALITY … not COMMITMENTS … infrastructure before houses .

    Bit revolutionary that … so unlike The Old Goal when we’ll be waiting for the general benefit … forever.

    Just accept that a large number of houses are going to be built there, get as much as you can in exchange and don’t expect any local, district, or county council to be on your side.

    Sub Editors apply here.

    nb. Did the North Abingdon Activistas turn-out during the Drayton Road Debacle, or is it all just a bit NIMBY?

  2. Daniel

    …I haven’t looked at the plan; but surely if The Vale planning department have approved it, then these are the experts. The best in the business (in the area), the people who know, the people looking out for us. The best of the best.

    If they think it is a good idea, why would we doubt them? What do they see in this that we don’t?

  3. Daniel

    Apologies newcomer…i know, really, we should only be speaking of sweetness and light when it comes to the town. Everythong is great, and we all welcome the benefits that further houses will bring…at least the developers will be happy…and for that we arevtruely grateful.

    I don’t know if this is yet further irony, but I believe The figures used to derive the numbers of houses we need is flawed. However, without another word, we are fed the line that this is what we need, and now everything concatanates on those flawed figures, leading us to the inevitable situation that we are in….whereby we WILL get these houses, no matter what.

    Best to at least try and get what we can out of such a poor situation, as newcomer says.

    I am sure if enough noise is made then at least some smarting lip service may be paid towards the populace and their whims…

    How’s that brown tourist sign for “Historic Market Town” coming along on, the A34…?

    How is the Guildhall “cinema” progressing – and will it be the only “cinema” bearing in mind the extra 1000 houses we will have?

    Can anyone give an example where the community has “won” or got what it wanted when fighting such developments? I can’t think of one win won…

    Anyway…keep shtum about the figures being wrong. Keep shtum about the fact that the number of houses decreed relies on those figures. The best planners in the vale are on this….what could possibly go wrong?!

  4. Peter Del

    As I have noticed in the small estate where I live, the majority of the new houses will be sold to investors, so that they can rent them at a higher rate than a mortgage. Local letting agents must be rubbing their hand with glee!

  5. Janet

    Planners and developers do not care about the effects on areas. Why should Abingdon have houses built on the green belt without infrastructure and access roads being built when a large garden city with thirteen thousand houses is planned for Bicester with all the roads and accompanying infrastructure provided. We have been promised road improvements before and they have not materialized so what would be different this time?

  6. Trevor
    Attached is a link to enable anyone who would like to comment on the decision on wether to allow the moving of one crossing & the addition of another on the drayton Rd/ Ock St / Marcham Rd junction. The decision will take place tomorrow. Please focus your objections on safety. If these crossings are given the go ahead then Taylor Wimpey get the Ok to built the 160 ish houses on the drayton Rd, just adding to the traffic misery we all face.

  7. Daniel

    Trevor, that link just goes to a general page on the cabinet members. Who should we direct our concerns to, or all of them?


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