Investigation work to the River Stert Culvert

River Stert Culvert
Investigation work to the Stert Culvert started on 26th November and will continue for about 2 weeks, in preparation for the main construction work planned for February / March 2015.
River Stert Culvert
The investigation appears to involve holes being dug under the pavement area to make sure the culvert can be strengthened and the barriers removed.

12 thoughts on “Investigation work to the River Stert Culvert

  1. daniel

    “turn-around, touch the ground; turn-around, touch the ground; turn-around touch the ground…I really wish it fixed”….

    This was the spell I chanted on Halloween to get this fixed (as it seemed all other avenues had been explored)…I am glad that MY wishes were answered on this matter too, as it seems wishes really can come true!

    Right…what next!?

  2. ppjs

    This will be interesting; digging up Stert Street (after about four years) just as all the traffic usually exiting via Steventon is diverted as the 10 month bridge works begin in order to facilitate the rail electrification project.

    I will not hazard a guess at its effect on the voting in May!

  3. Janet

    Hi Daniel. You could do a spell to curse any developer who tries to build the houses in South Abingdon leading to queues of dreadful traffic down the Drayton Road. I think boils and pestilence should do the trick!

  4. Mark Thornton

    They are also doing some emergency repairs of a collapsed manhole cover and frame (which you can see in the road next to the pedestrian crossing) – Stert Street will be closed 4 Dec 11pm to 6am the following morning. We had a note around about it today.

  5. Daniel

    Hi Janet; thankfully I have plenty of boils…so I will see what I can do. I fear, however, that it is a lost cause.

    Decisions made. Deals done. Thousands of pounds worth of archaeological survey underway and paid for by the developer. A powerless Vale planning department. A gutless county council…and a dim witted decision maker.

    When you’re up against all that…I fear even MY magic spells are powerless.

    Off topic (as usual – apologies), but relevant to the thread… With 610000 (that is six hundred and ten THOUSAND) homes standing empty and unused across England; quite why we are all being sold a pup by The Vale and house builders in general for this wholesale cardboard construction of boxy “nu-bilds” at the expense of our communities, totally beggars belief.

    Oh, hold on…the developers need to make their profit, and the Vale unable to think outside it’s tiny box…I believe it, I believe it now!!!

  6. Janet

    A Garden City is being built in Bicester with thirteen thousand homes. What is more infrastructure such as roads are being built to support it. Why should we be forced to have houses built on the green belt and in South Abingdon with no roads to support the extra traffic. We are told that we need more houses. Well thousands are being built on much better sites with supporting infrastructure elsewhere.

  7. John Styles

    They are really making offerings to St. Ert, patron saint of potholes and mysterious pools of water.
    Talking of which, there is a world class hole by the traffic lights, and what is causing the two permanently wet patches?

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