‘Future of the Vale’ Consultation meeting in Town

Future of the Vale Consultation meeting
There was a public meeting in the Guildhall in Abingdon this evening to hear about the ‘Future of the Vale’ draft local plan to 2031. The presentation involved initially an expanation of two leaflets you may have seen:
1. The Future of the Vale
2. Supporting growth in the Vale.
Future of the Vale Consultation meeting
After that a lot of people had questions.

The panel included Cllr Matthew Barber, leader of the VWHDC (Vale of White Horse District Council), and Cllr Mike Murray, head of planning, and two council planning officers.

One major concern was the loss of Green Belt from Abingdon and villages near Oxford. The panel said the green belt had not been reviewed for a long time and some of the green belt did not meet all 5 green belt criteria. They went on to say that Oxford is looking to reduce the green belt even further on the other side.

One passionate lady said ‘it’s disgraceful building on the green belt‘ and asked for a show of hands of people opposed to building on the green belt. There were a lot of hands.

Somebody from Kennington was worried about that the ribboning of Kennington being accentuated by the new plan.

The good people of Appleton and Cumnor had got the ‘The Future of The Vale’ leaflet through their doors, They also recently took part in a separate consultation about removal of land from the green belt. It ended in complete confusion.
Future of the Vale Consultation meeting
Traffic was a problem for people living off the Dunmore Road where 800 more houses are planned the other side. Already they can’t get out of Boulter Drive and Alexander Close in the morning. A recent safety change to the Wootton Road roundabout created a further new pinch point. One person said that the new developments would add roundabouts, and pedestrian crossings, and bring the road to a standstill.

Somebody else said, about Twelve Acre Drive, where 200 houses are planned, that the selling of land from Peachcroft Farm could result in no local Turkeys or Geese at Christmas.

The one big road improvement that could be allowed by all this development is a full diamond interchange onto the A34 at Lodge Hill. It could be funded by what is called the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) – so long as the council officers are successful in getting grants from central government as well, and get Highway Agency approval.

CIL is a levy on land which developers pay that goes towards infrastructure.
Future of the Vale Consultation meeting
Most people left the Guildhall more dazed and confused than they had entered. They had been told they could now take part in three different public consultations:

1. Draft Local Plan to the Secretary of State. Whether to keep green belt or not etc.
2. How CIL should be spent.  A34 and Primary School and what else would a local community need? To be considered by VWHDC officers.
3. Vale Design Guide, How future developments in your area will look. To be considered by VWHDC officers. Should all new Abingdon houses have traditional gables?

6 thoughts on “‘Future of the Vale’ Consultation meeting in Town

  1. James

    Yet again we are being asked to do something (accept the housing) on the CARROT of possible changes, maybe, sometime in the future to the A34. This is a very poor negotiation position.

    You must never ever agree to do something on a promise that someone else will do something later when you have no legal hold over them. To do so is naive.

  2. Lyle Lanley

    Being asked ?

    Being told we are going to accept the housing between Dunsmore and the A34 I’d say..

    And maybe, but unlikely, we might get the A34 Lodgehill interchange, one day, but now with enough caveats that the Vale and the planners have a get out where they can say, ‘ we would have got it, but the ‘others’ wouldnt let us’..

    Annoyed of Abingdon here… 🙁

  3. Janet

    I agree with James. Why should we accept all these new houses on the green belt in Abingdon with our appalling traffic problems when thousands of new houses are being built in Bicester and Didcot with new roads and infrastructure included. The people who do not live in Abingdon and have to live with the effects of all the extra traffic make the decisions. It has been mentioned that we need new housing as the UK has thousands of homeless. All the new housing proposed if around the three to four hundred thousand pounds mark and none will go to the homeless or cut down the housing list one jot.

  4. Kennys hat

    The amount of housing within the vale is the same, but that coming to Abingdon has gone up after the villages complained and the council,listened to them. About time we started making them listen to us instead.

  5. Claire Cox

    We have been fighting against the development of a field near us for ages and we are getting nowhere, I would like to hear suggestions for how ‘we start making them listen to us’.

  6. daniel

    I know this likely won’t get read, as it has dropped down the page(s), but just to put a few things in perspective….

    We are having the “need” for housing thrust upon us all – on a National level; when there are currently 610,000 ( that is six hundred and ten THOUSAND) – that is well over half a million, ready built houses…that stand empty, in England.

    Why are we building more – when 610,000 stand built, already?

    Just a thought.

    ( I know why of course…it’s those pockets of the developers…they need a-filling)!


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