St Edmunds Community Day

Thanks to Theresa for a report and pictures of St Edmunds Community Day …

There were over 30 adults (parents, grandparents, staff and parishioners) and 40 children in school on Saturday at St Edmunds School, Abingdon, to complete projects in the school grounds such as:

* Cleaning and planting pots with flowers and bulbs
St Edmunds Community Day
* Building a ball run and water wall for Foundation Stage
* Cutting back and cleaning the school pond area
St Edmunds Community Day
* Constructing vegetable patches and a bug house
* Sweeping and tidying the outside play areas
St Edmunds Community Day
* Painting stepping stones for the end of the field
* Digging up and replanting the borders at the front and the back of school
St Edmunds Community Day
* Painting a mural in Foundation Stage

Theresa said “It was a fantastic day and lots of fun! We recycled a lot of material donated by parents which would otherwise have gone to landfill. We are planning on holding another Community Day next year.”

1 thought on “St Edmunds Community Day

  1. Abingdon Mum

    Great to see some community action. Keep up the good work! Is this the “Big Society” that was in vogue a few years back?


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