Abingdon Flower Festival

Abingdon Flower Festival
The Abingdon Flower Club Celebrates its Emerald Anniversary (1959-2014) with a Flower Festival at St Nicolas Church in the centre of Abingdon.

Friday 26 & Saturday 27th Sept 10:00am-5:pm and Sunday 28th 1:00pm-5:00pm
Abingdon Flower Festival
There are 30 arrangements, celebrating anniversaries such as 100 years of car Making in Oxford, and 90 years of MG in Abingdon.
Abingdon Flower Festival
There are arrangements for Saint David, Saint George, Saint Patrick and Saint Andrew.
Abingdon Flower Festival
There are arrangements for: Bun Throwing, Christmas, St Nicolas Church (844 years), Peace 1918, 100 years of Brownies, 60th Anniversary of the 4 minute mile by Roger Bannister, 50 years of Britain in Bloom, and many many more.

(Also on  Saturday 27th Sept 2014 in Abingdon is the Fire Station 50th anniversary celebration. And Abingdon will be turning PINK once again when Against Breast Cancer hold their annual Splash of PINK Day.)

4 thoughts on “Abingdon Flower Festival

  1. Hester

    Three good news stories in succession and hardly a coment between them! The bad news may provoke more overt reactions, but thank you Backstreeter for continuing to give us some good news as well – don’t think because we don’t respond we don’t like the posts!

  2. Angela

    The flower festival is well worth a visit tomorrow if you didn’t manage today. Really Beautiful and clever arrangements of the themes Alastair describes.
    In the Pink in the Market a place great entertainment in a very good cause.
    The Fire station 50th anniversary celebrations also great fun, and it was great to see so many people turning out for it.
    I got chatting to sone relative newcomers to Abingdon who said how lovely it was that there was so often so much going on in the town.

  3. Cassandra

    A great day in Abingdon. The flowers were wonderful. I expect we shall be seeing (in due course) photos and news from the other other two great events on today. Lots of us will be commenting then I hope!


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