Bath Street: From Art and Stuff to Loom Bands

Bath Street
Bath Street is the Abingdon town centre street that missed out on recent refurbishments: whether resulting from ABiTS (Abingdon Integrated Transport Strategy), or the refurbishment of the precinct. I remember Steve King campaigning on his Action4Abingdon forum to also get the Bath Street pavements done, but it did not happen.
Bath Street
The ABiTS York Stone paving only went as far as The Square, where you can find Art and Stuff, and the very friendly dog Grommet.
Bath Street
Retreat Hairdressing is down Bath Street and has old pavements.

Retreat Hairdressing are adding to Skye’s Loom to The Moon project which has already received lots of publicity, including: front page of this week’s Abingdon Herald and a large picture feature in the Daily Mail.

Skye, from Abingdon, is a 4 year old undergoing treatment for an aggressive brain tumor. The treatment involves surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, and is not easy. So Skye’s parent have set up a charity to research into better treatment for future children. They are using Skye’s Brainwave ‘a loom to the moon’ to raise funds. Lots of children have been making Loom Bands (the year’s big craze in schools) by weaving small elastic bands together. The aim is to join them together to reach the distance to the moon.
Bath Street
Retreat Hairdressing are hoping to get enough to go up their stairs, via the hand rail, before adding it to the Moon Loom.

1 thought on “Bath Street: From Art and Stuff to Loom Bands

  1. Spike S

    You have to give credit for the marketing of this latest craze: Whoever thought of chopping up plastic tube into very short lengths must be making a fortune ! Alternatively, one might wonder at the gullibility of those who have twitted this trend.
    Are Loom (Loon ?) Bands biodegradable and what happens to this “Moon Loom” once it is complete ?
    Cynicism aside, I commend the charitable aim.


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