Archaeology Open Day and Dovecotes in Marcham

Archaeology Open Day
In Marcham today there was an archaeology open day at Manor Farm, next to the circular dovecote. (Marcham is 2 miles from Abingdon)

Archaeological digs happened there for 11 years ending in 2011. The excavations revealed the foundations of Roman buildings including a circular arena. There were also many Iron Age pits. During that time a lot of artifacts were collected. The current work called Trendles Project, funded by the National Lottery, involves experts leading, and enabling local people, and school children, to help and sort and categorise a lot of the finds: Iron Age and Roman pots and bones and coins etc.
Archaeology Open Day
The open day involved archaeological talks by the project director, and story telling by Chris the Celt who is telling here about how the first harp was made.
Archaeology Open Day
There were samples of Roman Food prepared with the help of Apicius’ Roman Cookery Book; demonstrations of various ancient arts and crafts including basket making, pottery, and spinning; and the chance to view and help sift through some of the artifacts that had been found.
Archaeology Open Day
Before cycling back to Abingdon I viewed a couple more Marcham dovecotes: one shown me by the owner of Manor Farm, who is a great supporter of the archaeological work, and follow up project, on his land.
Archaeology Open Day
The other dovecote is next to Marcham parish Church and has been fully restored.

Marcham had several dovecotes. The first ones would have been built when the Manor was owned by Abingdon Abbey – when pigeons were a source of winter meat, allowed to the privileged.

4 thoughts on “Archaeology Open Day and Dovecotes in Marcham

  1. ppjs

    It’s worth going to Manor Farm for their farm shop – quite low key, but very good produce.

    The archaeological digs stopped because the team needed time just to assess and write up their finds. I think the site suggests that the Romans had a supply station there on the way to Silchester.


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