The lease is up at the end of June

The lease is up at the end of June for both the Town Council and The Citizens Advice Bureau at Old Abbey House. The new buyer is not yet known but rumours include: pub, arts centre, hotel, mosque, housing ….
Civic Quarter Changes
And so the address for the Abingdon & District Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is now Abbey House, Abbey Close, and CAB balloons are out.
Civic Quarter Changes
Abbey House, in Abbey Close, also has new signs for Oxfordshire County Council, the other new tenant.
Civic Quarter Changes
Outside Old Abbey House there is some office equipment, available for Free. It includes cages for displaying information leaflets, a reception desk, and some chairs.

Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council have also vacated this building to move to the Guildhall.

10 thoughts on “The lease is up at the end of June

  1. newcomer

    So, The Vale gave the TC £1.25 million to take over the Guildhall and have clawed back £6/800 thousand? for Old Abbey House meaning that for a net £625-425K they’ve got rid of a £150K pa liability on the Gulidhall at the loss of what I imaging was a much smaller rent on Old Abbey House. Game , set and match to The Vale and they’ve now got more money to lard on their palace in Crowmarsh Gifford.

    I just hope that the Old Abbey House hasn’t gone to one of the developers who’ve screwed things up in the town in the last few years.

  2. ppjs

    It’s not free; it was paid for out of money gathered from taxes (central and local government). If property bought for local government purposes is being disposed without any attempt to recover some notional value, then surely it should be offered to the local voluntary groups who work hard for the good of our town, its residents and visitors.

  3. Cassandra

    I was about to make the same observation as ppjs (comment4). Furthermore, if not required by a local Voluntary group, then surely the furniture could have been given to a local charity outlet for selling and raising some funds.

  4. Iain

    I’m afraid Backstreeter has made a slight mistake on this one, the old furniture is NOT from the town council.

  5. Iain

    I dont know i’m afraid paul – i’d guess CAB but i think there were a couple of one man bands in there too so could be one of them.

  6. ppjs

    Thanks, Iain; well, perhaps some of the town’s excellent voluntary bodies will still be able to benefit.


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