The Clock House available to Rent

Old Gaol Progress
The three storey Clock House was until recently used by Lloyds Private Banking Ltd. Notices say that they have moved into offices at the back, and so the building is available to Rent.
Old Gaol Progress
Clock House is a A Grade II* listed building with a striking entrance hall and staircase, and was built by The Tomkins family during the eighteenth century. More details can be found about Clock House on the Abingdon Portal.

6 thoughts on “The Clock House available to Rent

  1. Colin

    Used to work for Miell & Co accountants in another part of the Clock House building. At one time my desk was underneath the clock controls. (Electric). Remember when the panels were refurbished. (We used to use a side door at the back, although we had offices on several floors, didn’t include the entrance hall and those stairs).

  2. richmond

    Hi Colin
    We used to have our accounts with Miell & Co. We used to see our accounts manager in the Clock House on the first floor at the front…some years ago though!

  3. Colin

    I worked for them until 1990. They closed the Abingdon office, at about that time, and centralised in Summertown. Now the M Group I believe…. I operated the Computer System, data entry/computer based accounts system. My desk was moved several times but I still had to flip the switch to set the daylight savings, although electric, wasn’t automated.


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