Marina Park – without wellies

Marina Park
This is the first time that I have been down to the Marina Park for quite some time.
Marina Park
I see on the Marina web site that “Abingdon Marina is the only off river marina with floating pontoons upstream of Reading” and that “we are only 4 days hard cruising from the tidal reaches of the Thames.”
Marina Park
There is a tree down in the park, and the paths are a little slippy. But after much of the winter under water it is now walkable without wellies.

It is one of the locations I usually get pictures of the Head of the River Rowing, which this year is on April 6th. There are 4 divisions with a maximum of 90 boats in each …
Division 1 – 09.30
Division 2 – 11.45
Division 3 – 14.00
Division 4 – 16.15

2 thoughts on “Marina Park – without wellies

  1. BykerRode

    The Vale contractors are apparently awaiting improved ground conditions before they can remove the tree The footpaths are also on the schedule to be swept.


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