More signs of storm damage

I see from the comments that part of a tree caused damage to the side area of The Boundary House pub. By this morning they had chopped up the wood and waterproofed the roof and are presumably open again.

A little further round Appleford Drive the trunk of a tree in Peachcroft Park has split in two.

In that same area the To Let sign, for the shop that was Blockbuster, at the Peachcroft Shops has been sent crashing.

Blockbuster pulled the shutters down for the final time in November. The UK company went into administration earlier in 2013, but failed to find a buyer.

Blockbuster took over the Ritz Video chain, including the Peachcroft shop, in the 1990s.

1 thought on “More signs of storm damage

  1. Bob Chalmers

    Following on from the recent weather conditions – have Abingdon residents noticed the condition of Wootton road especially the section between the Faringdon road and Fitzharris roundabouts? The potholes are horrendous and need urgent attention. There has been so much ‘patching’ done in the past it really needs to be completely resurfaced. If you ride a bike/motorbike it’s a potential accident waiting to happen. I appreciate council budgets will be stretched but this has to be the worst condition main route in/out of Abingdon and needs a rapid response.


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