More Bike Thefts in Abingdon

George says “A couple of months ago my Granddaughters’ lovely Dawes cycle was stolen outside the Boundary House. This week the wheels of my son’s pride and joy were stolen whilst chained up on Stratton Way. What’s it all coming to?”

These are not the first cases I have heard about recently. Take care, thieves operating.

4 thoughts on “More Bike Thefts in Abingdon

  1. Richmond

    I worry about taking my new bike into Abingdon. I’ve bought a D lock and cable for both wheels but that may not be enough. I’ve taken photos of myself with my bike and have recorded the frame number and had the bike insured.

    I’m sure the police won’t be interested if it’s stolen, I will have to log the crime with them in order to claim on insurance. The police will then send me leaflets and how to protect my property, the suggestion being that I should have done more to protect the bike and that I need to spend more on security.

  2. Pete

    Rule one. Buy a DECENT D-lock not some piece of junk cable lock from the Pound Shop. That means paying at least £35 plus for a “Gold secure” standard lock. Some of the better makes will actually pay for your bike if thieves manage to cut through it !

    These scum thieves come prepared with cable cutters and saws, don’t make it easy for them.

  3. Bobf

    Trouble is Kate cheap bikes are usually unfit for the road and dangerous though if you don’t mind living dangerously its OK.


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