The Abingdon Exchange – open till late

The big sign advertising 6 months free rent has come down. Shelves have been put in place for the what I believe will be a CD and DVD exchange (possibly records and other objects too). Time will soon tell.

10 thoughts on “The Abingdon Exchange – open till late

  1. Janet

    I was gutted when Blockbuster closed at Peachcroft. I used to rent DVD’s at Christmas and times when there was nothing on television.

  2. colin

    What a good Idea exchange.

    Hope they will also be selling new CD/DVD.

    I was a Blockbuster customer back when the did VHS, (not many Betamax) . Remember the fines when you didn’t rewind the tapes 🙂

    Became Online customer for DVD, they used to have voucher offers to use in the shop, times when I needed more to watch.

  3. steve King

    Very busy in there today, good luck to them. By the way, in another life I was speaking to the agent for the old Q.S shop on High St (more or less opposite) he said they were close to signing up one of two businesses for that site, he would’nt expand on who, but he did say one we would like and one we probablyt wouldn’t ?

  4. lee atkinson

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