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Abbey Fish Ponds – November 2021

The monthly walk round the Abbey Fishponds Nature Reserve shows a lot of leaves on the ground and far fewer in the trees.

Greens are giving way to duller greens, browns, and golds.

A lot of the reeds and sedges have been cut. The area is much wetter than I ever realised. Many more ponds than could be seen in other months. There is not just the stream running through the centre but there must be lots of irrigating springs.

The walkway across the centre of the reserve is not a green but a gold archway.

The Oak Tree still has some green.

I could only get the blurriest pictures of birds this month. Not a blackbird or crow to show on today’s walk.

Abingdon Marina Park – wind battered with lone swan

When I walked round the Abingdon Marina Park late this afternoon there was still debris from the Sunday morning winds. Willow branches with leaves were thrown around. One larger branch lay across the path and had been wound with hazard tape.

In other places it did not look so bad in the late afternoon sun.

The park is between the River Thames and the Marina and has a view across to where Swift Ditch rejoins the Thames.

A lone swan was there. Swans are usually seen in pairs or family groups or teenage gangs. Perhaps the family had gone off somewhere and this one was just waiting for their return.

Abbey Fish Ponds – October 2021

At the Abbey Fish Ponds, volunteers were at work. Some had cut sedges and reeds.

In places this had revealed ponds that were not visible before. There are water channels that run across the ground, not bounded by banks.

That is in addition to the main stream that runs within banks.

Volunteers were also cutting down trees and from them a long hedge like barrier was being made.

There were not as many insects to be seen as last month. There were more birds singing and flying about, but they are difficult to picture clearly.

Large mammals are easier to photograph. Here is Sciurus carolinensis

Here is another – its Latin name is Felis catus.