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Two Abingdon Gardens open for charity

Owners of two gardens in Abingdon opened their gardens to the public on Sunday, June 11th 2023 as part of The National Garden Scheme, a charity that opens private gardens to the public for a small admission fee.

The linked gardens, which are owned by members of the same family, have been participating in the scheme for eight years. They are known for their creative use of plants and sculptures to create tableaus.

There were also cakes and refreshments being served and plants for sale.

One of the garden owners is a wood carver, and members of the Oxford & District Wood Carvers came to do some wood carving in her front garden.

The National Garden Scheme is a way to enjoy beautiful gardens, support a good cause, and learn more about gardening. For more information, visit

You Never Walk Alone in St Ethelwold’s garden

The garden of St Ethelwolds House, in Abingdon, is open all year round for people to enjoy the quiet and the flowers.
A lot of the flowers, including the lupins, are at their best in June and July.

Volunteer gardeners keep it looking good, and there is a notice saying they need more keen gardeners. Vegetables grow in one corner, and there are large compost heaps in another.

In the corners are two rooms for the use of people wanting a quiet solitary retreat. Beyond them boats are moored where the River Thames drifts slowly.

There are also events in the garden. Starting next week there will be an art exhibition.

This term the ‘Singing for Pleasure’ group can only sing outdoors and are using St Ethelwold’s garden. Since the garden is near the River Thames the songs today had a nautical theme, which included a couple of songs from South Pacific. One of those chosen was ‘Never Walk Alone’.

I recorded an extract with thanks to the Abingdon Music Centre. They had a smaller ‘Singing for Pleasure’ group this week and will welcome new members. Thanks also go to the copyright owners who will get any money from YouTube if adverts placed on this video make any money.

Sitting out in the gardens of St Ethelwold’s House

St Ethelwolds
This morning, people were sitting out in the gardens of St Ethelwold’s House in Abingdon.
St Ethelwolds
Most of the early flowers have energy stored in bulbs to allow them a quick start.
St Ethelwolds
Bees were collecting nectar to get the hive stored with energy.
St Ethelwolds
The pussy willow tree was covered in furry catkins.
St Ethelwolds
The trellis that divides the house end and lawn area will soon be covered with leaves and flowers. As the first leaves appear, it makes a frame for spiders’ webs,
St Ethelwolds
Two volunteer gardeners were busy clearing and planting for the months ahead.

St Ethelwolds Art and Garden

St Ethelwolds Art
There is to be another Art in the Garden Gallery event at St Ethelwold’s House – with local artists, from 18 -21 September.
St Ethelwolds Art
The garden itself is looking good as we head towards autumn. There is an orange border along by the wall.
St Ethelwolds Art
In the central area are more blues and pinks.
St Ethelwolds Art
I thought it was amazing as I took photos but getting back to the computer was disappointed that the pictures failed to capture the glory of the gardens in real life.

They have a number of gardening helpers and I think Simon is the main man. I was told he does not have a TV or mod cons and knows everything about plants.