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AbiBinit Cleans Up Caldecott!

Sunshine and 12 volunteers joined Lynne from AbiBinit to tackle litter in South Abingdon’s Caldecott area.

People had mixed reactions. A young woman was happy about the cleared hedge by the Reynolds Way supermarket, saying “Thanks so much! It was minging!” Another person said the rubbish would be back again in no time. Someone asked who they were, and when they learned they were volunteers, said the council should do it, not volunteers.

After 2 hours, the volunteers had filled 26 bags with rubbish.

Town Councillor Tom Greenaway (who also volunteered) thanked Lynne with a letter from the Mayor and council for all their hard work. AbiBinit has been cleaning up Abingdon since 2018, and encouraging volunteering, first with Helen and now with Lynne. Check them out at

Toddlers help plant a brighter future

Last year, Tim sent some pictures of bulb planting by Appleford / Compton Drive residents. He says they went up a league last week and planted three trees on the verge for all the excellent reasons trees get planted. It was a multi-generational event with everyone from toddlers to dodderers joining in. Tim says they plan to continue to manage the space for the community and the environment by encouraging wildflowers and maintaining the grass for wildlife. They’ll mow paths through it that many children love to run through.

Abibinit Heroes help clear the Litter

The Abibinit litter pickers were in action this morning on the Ock Valley Walk, clearing away all the rubbish the floods left behind. They must have filled at least 20 bags! A big thanks to them, especially so soon after all the water chaos.

There are still some signs of the flooding, though. The river has some logs and fallen trees floating around. But the good news is there is now very little litter.

Waste Transfer Operation at Old Coal Yard seeks retrospective planning permission

A waste transfer operation operates at the old coal yard off Thrupp Lane. The operation is the subject of a retrospective planning application open for comment until August 10th. The County Council has said that they believe the application is outside the development plan for the county.

The operation involves the sorting of waste by excavators under a large tarpaulin. The tarpaulin is intended to prevent dust from blowing, but dust and smell were still noticeable near the footpath (where I took this picture).

If you have any comments on the planning application, you can submit them to the County Council website:

The Abingdon Herald print edition (2nd Aug 2023) has a more detailed article on the same subject.