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Aerial view of Dunmore Road development this weekend with Fun Fair

Here is the view over the Wootton Road as seen by Daniel’s drone. It shows a funfair on the Circus Field and part of the large development.

As can be seen there has been progress in creating the foundation of new houses in that development. Quite a few outlines are visible.

All the fun of the fair is there this weekend.

Further along the Dunmore Road there is just earth moving and no development yet.

Old Abbey House – behind the boards

Old Abbey House is boarded up as redevelopment starts.

Daniel has been able to get a higher view over the fence showing the scaffolding.

He even has a view of the roof.

For the history of Old Abbey House there is the Abingdon Buildings and People site. A quick summary:

  • Old Abbey House probably built by wealthy businessman James Smallbone about 1780
  • Edwin Trendell, wine merchant, lived there from 1847 to 1900 and extended the house and developed the garden
  • The Rt Revd James Leslie Randall, Bishop of Reading, lived there until 1920
  • Abingdon Borough Council, Vale of White Horse District Council and Abingdon Town Council worked there from the 1920s until 2014
  • From 2021/2 it will become a hotel

For more of Daniel’s aerial shots you can visit his facebook page

From the Skies – squares and circles

Daniel has been filming, from the skies, the new development off the Dunmore Road. The outlines of the first properties are visible as squares or rectangles.

He has also been flying over South Abingdon where the sewage treatment works are next to the Drayton Road Allotments which are next to a quarry.

When I walk or cycle round the sewage treatment works the overwhelming impression is the fizzy sulfurous smell, but from the sky you see circles.