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Fields to Houses: Abingdon’s continuing Transformation

One feature of the Kings Gate and Abbey Fields developments is the presence of artificial lakes that alternate between flooding and dryness. One such lake is adjacent to Blyth Park, a residential street that has a waterfront some of the time. The street’s name pays homage to Wing Commander James Blyth, who served as Mayor of Abingdon from 1984-5 and previously was at RAF Abingdon.

Hobby Green had an open view to the north on a previous visit, but now the houses surround it on all sides.

The Abbey Fields development is shielded from the A34 by a fence, intended to mitigate the noise from the busy highway. When the A34 was constructed, traffic levels were significantly lower, and a buffer of fields separated it from the houses in Abingdon. It won’t be long before people are demanding a 50 MPH limit as happens where the A34 is as close to the houses in North Oxford.
The Abbey Fields development has a footpath that goes through the middle. Until recently only the western side of the footpath has been built upon, but now the eastern side has started to be built upon.

Further east, the new development on Twelve Acre Drive was in the news recently, because of silting up of a stream that goes through Abingdon. They Environment Agency are investigating the cause. See

Progress on the New Development off Twelve Acre Drive

The new development off Twelve Acre Drive in North Abingdon, near Peachcroft Farm, is progressing steadily. Some of the houses are now foundations with several layers of bricks, and the view from the entrance and visitor centre will change significantly in the near future.

The public right of way has been diverted as part of the development. It now follows fences around the perimeter of the development.

They reconnected with the original path up the higher field that is being left as farmland.

This picture shows the view of the earth movers and the existing houses of Mattock Way beyond from the bridleway along the top of the ridge, another view that will also change in the near future.

Former Mayors of Ock Street Honoured with Street Names in Abingdon

The Abbey Fields Estate in Abingdon is being built, with new road names. In the case of Argyle Drive and Hemmings Lane, the latest two road names to appear, Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council has honoured two former Mayors of Ock Street.

Argyle Drive is named after Leslie Argyle, who served as Mayor of Ock Street from 1980 to 1996.

Hemmings Lane is named after one of the many Hemmings who were Mayors of Ock Street, possibly Tom Hemmings, who served as Mayor from 1949 to 1960.

The Town Council uses a process to select street names that are relevant to the local area. They then pass them on to the District Council to make the final decision.


Minutes from a Town Council Planning meeting:

Mayors of Ock Street:

Old Abbey House Revealed after Renovation

After months of construction, the hoardings have started to come down at Old Abbey House, revealing the renovated building. The historic property, sold to Abingdon Town Council in 1923, and used as council offices for almost a century, was sold to Builders Ede in 2021 and is being converted into a 27-bedroom hotel. The hotel is located in the centre of Abingdon