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Birdsong after rain

This afternoon, there was a rain shower that sent many people looking for shelter.

People stood at the back of the County Hall undercroft as rain blew in at the front

The rain soon cleared, and I took this video of the garden at St Ethelwolds House with the sound of birdsong after the rain.

North Abingdon developments

The Kingsgate development has dozens of occupied houses now. As well as Morgan Vale, already mentioned, there are two more road names: Wivell Drive for William Wivell, who was mayor from 1992-3; and

Prosser Way. Jeanette Rickus-Prosser was mayor from 1998-9. She subsequently became known as Jeanette Halliday.

Over the road, work is underway on the new store.

Looking at the entrance to Abingdon nearby, the 2 hours free has been edited after recent parking changes. The sign may also need to move to the new boundary.

Work is also progressing on the Abbey Fields development.

There are welcome signs for potential viewers and a Thankyou for Visiting Abbey Fields on exiting.

A drainage channel has been created near the Oxford Road end of Dunmore Road. The channel runs into a small lake, but I don’t know where it goes from there.

Hawthorn blossom can be seen now that May is here.

May Day

This May Day morning was quite overcast, and there was some rain. April did not produce the expected April Showers.

Wagtails are often seen with insects in their beaks near Abingdon Weir.

There were also a group of thrushes near the lock – a family group with juveniles.

The chestnut branch that fell off the large tree in Cosener’s House is blossoming even though it has no roots.

A lady was selling handmade bags from near her boat. She said there was a good footfall yesterday, and she stayed open after 6 pm. Today was cooler, with fewer people, and quite cold for sitting out.

Local Excellence Market + News on the Blackboards

There was a Local Excellence Market in Abingdon this morning. There were Brownies and Blondies and Cookies from JojoCoco.

And even more cookies from The Tall Cookie Lady.

The organisers of the Local Excellence Market are also organising a market at the Platinum Jubilee Fiesta.

Over at the Children’s Air Ambulance charity shop, #TheCrew is a children’s club linked to the Children’s Air Ambulance.

Added Ingredients will be shut from next Saturday until October, so go in and stock up before then.

Nicki Thornton’s next book is out from May 5th, and she will be signing copies next Saturday at Mostly Books. Nicki used to run Mostly Books with Mark Thornton. Her new book is called ‘ The Poisoned Pie Mystery.’