Car Keying

Car Keying
East St Helen Street is one of the most idyllic streets. But a couple of nights back a large number of cars got keyed. That is where a sharp key or coin is used to scratch vehicles.

A scratch takes a second to do but causes the car owner hours of grief and money to repair.

I remember back in the 60s, when I was at primary school, our head mistress told the whole school off because a car had been scratched in a nearby road. She did not want our school’s reputation tarnished.

Why do some people scratch other people’s cars?

9 thoughts on “Car Keying

  1. Graham

    Why do people commit any act of vandalism? It gains them nothing and is done for the very ugly reason of upsetting and harming others. I am always very sorry to hear about things like this. I hope the culprits are caught but even if they are, no doubt the victims will still be out of pocket and subject to the hassle and inconvenience of repairs. What a pointless shame.

  2. GJ

    Why? It’s simple. Jealousy. Lazy, stupid people who have a grudge against those who do something with their lives. Probably politically incorrect and I’m sure there are some who say they need a cuddle.

  3. Ishtar

    It’s because nothing will be done about it, therefore it’s a bit of a laugh isn’t it? Your mates will think you’re really hard.

    Not to mention the car owner is obviously rolling in it if they can afford a car: they can easily afford to pay for repairs.

    I can no longer park my car in my designated space due to vandalism – I’ve had the plastic door mouldings stolen, and the wheel covers taken, each of these events on separate occasions. The removal of the door mouldings caused damage to the paintwork.

    Went to the police. Waste of time as there wasn’t much they could do except increase PCSO patrols. This lasted approximately 6 weeks.

    Net result: I now park on the road, not in the off road parking area, which has increased my insurance premium. Definitely better than wondering how long it will take before the car needs respraying or perhaps a new set of wheels.

  4. colin

    What has happened to PCSOs?, The Daycentre in The Charter , for the 3rd time, has had a window smashed/vandalised. Must have been around the same time as the cars were vandalised. There was a case of flytipping as well, a while back. Load of old tyres and rubbish dumped in front of the fire escape.

  5. colin

    I read in Oxford Mail 13 cars ‘keyed’.

    When my vehicle was vandalised,in Abingdon (, all that happened was a crime number was issued, so I could claim on the insurance. My premiums went up not much else.

    Sign of the times I am afraid.

  6. J

    As a resident in the street I have thought the police response has actually been quite strong, along with the local traffic warden who got involved. There is not a lot anyone can do without witnesses, but the police have gone door to door and talked to everyone to try and find more information. There are a lot of windows in this street and things are noticed. The Police have supposedly got at least one lead and and trying to match this to the output from the camera outside St Helen’s Church. A similar incident happened several years ago (wing mirrors kicked off) on West St Helen street which lead to a conviction.

    A conviction wont unscratch my car which is going to have to stay scratched but it might make me feel slightly better about it all.

  7. Suzieh

    My car had a windscreen wiper ripped off the same evening that a lot of cars had their wipers and wing mirrors done last Nov/Dec time. A week later the wing Mirror was broken off and a week later some nice person drove into the wing and left a dinner plate sized dent. All reported to the police….but with no results.


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