A well managed evening swim

Open Air Pool
There was a report in the Herald about last Thursday at the open air pool when the weather was hot and the open air pool was advertised as being open, and it did not open. People went away disgruntled. The Headline said “Pool Management Branded Shambles”. This Thursday the pool did open from 6-8pm. Photography is not allowed for obvious reasons.
Open Air Pool
And swimwear must be worn at all times.
Open Air Pool
But I may get away with one picture of the first swimmer in the pool as it is more froth than flesh.

The session was very popular. It began with a few adults swimming up and down. Then quite a few children started diving in from the deep end. More adults joined in swimming up and down, including one lady who was a little disabled. We were asked by a lifeguard to keep a small area near the side free for her. Children started playing on inflatables in the shallower area. Probably about 30 people were there in all. So a good turnout for an evening swim on a milder evening, and very well managed.

3 thoughts on “A well managed evening swim

  1. Theoxonian

    How sad it is these days where we can’t have photography at the poolside, taking those memorable snaps of our children splashing around in the pool or teenagers taking snaps of their friends. I have many wonderful photos of my children at the Old Gaol pool learning to swim, playing, laughing and also of them at the old paddling pool and the outdoor pool too.

    Obviously keeping safe is most important …… but I do think it sad those parents and youngsters being unable to capture those happy times ……

  2. Neil Fawcett

    I really don’t understand the obsession with banning photography everywhere nowadays.

    What is the perceived benefit of stopping people taking photos of their kids enjoying themselves?

  3. Carol

    Whats the “obvious reason” for not allowing photography?

    Many parents will want to take photos of their kids playing in the pool. Its total and utter nonsense fuelled by the media.


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