Twelve Sheep a Scattered

There was late night shopping till 8 p.m on Stert Street this Tuesday (4th December 2012), and will be again the next two Tuesdays (11th and 18th). In the window of Sweet Chocolate there was a Sheep poster, and inside a little sheep, which reminded me I was sent an email for the Messy Nativity Sheep Trail – part of the Church in Abingdon’s Christmas Celebrations. It said …
This flock of sheep will be scattered among 12 of the town centre shops in time for the Extravaganza and will remain there until Saturday 15th December when they will be rounded up and returned to St. Nicolas Church. Each sheep has a name and there will be a competition (organised by some of the local churches) to collect the names and enter for a prize draw which will take place during the Family Service in St. Nicolas’ Church on Sunday 16th December at 11.00am
It is worth mentioning that there were more sheep at the Extravagana than just these twelve. Timmy The Sheep was hamming it up down Stert Street
And two very early lambs were dozing in Roysse Court.

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