The ‘bollardisation’ of the town centre

The County Council have been putting in a load of new bollards to protect the pavements in West St Helen Street. The bollards appear to be designed to stop residents parking in front of their own houses.

Bollards already surround the Market Place and Old County Hall.

8 thoughts on “The ‘bollardisation’ of the town centre

  1. patlon

    Probably because it is more cost effective to put up the bollards than have to chase them with a ticket?

  2. sean.a

    Have you seen the state ofthe pavement , what a waste of time … Shoddy job ! I’ve tripped over on the so called level pavement .

  3. Steve

    Would it not be cheaper to put in drop kerbs and just let the residents park infront of their houses?

  4. Paul Sheppy

    If the parking regulations were being broken, then the County Council clearly had to do something – but there are choices.

    1. If no real obstruction were being caused, the regulations might be amended to permit residents to park in front of their houses.

    2. The matter might be pursued with penalty notices

    3. The parking might be prevented more directly.

    Option 3 appears to be what the CC have decided, but I do hope that residents were consulted (and not just notified). If residents have been parking there over a long period – which is effectively custom and practice – some sort of consultation would be appropriate.

    There may well have been some discussion with the residents. I am just interested to know. I hope that there was not a quick-fix decision.

  5. Shell Suit

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t any consultation. This is not the first time the county council do things in this way. The appropiate county councillor is unaware before any action is taken which might have allowed for a ‘negotiated agreed solution between residents and interested parties. Decisions seem to be made on a whim or blanket rules rather than by investigation/consulatation.

  6. Carl

    Seems to me that matters such as this should be under the control of the TOWN COUNCIL, not the County Council !!! Same also applies in the case of the recent flap over taxi ranks.


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