Find a Fairy entry forms need to be in by Thursday

Find a Fairy
On Thursday this week the Christmas Extravaganza takes place in Abingdon. The Parade is at 6:45pm. The lights get turned on at 7pm by Nicola Blackwood MP. The winners of the ‘Find a Fairy’ competition will be announced at 8:15pm just before the fireworks.

Since Saturday children (and parents) have been going round the town, finding the fairies – one for each letter of the alphabet – in shop windows. I’m sure ER Goffs will still have some Entry Forms, and this is all the details you need to supply :

      Name of Fairy             Name of Shop


1 thought on “Find a Fairy entry forms need to be in by Thursday

  1. Cassandra

    I think that this is a great idea!! I was sitting today near one of the ‘fairy pictures’ posted in a window and I was amazed by how many folk came up clutching their forms and scribbled in the details. My ‘neighbour’ was OLIVIA by the way!


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