Lifting Wobbly Pavement

Lifting Wobbly Pavement
Ever since workmen laid the new pavement on the High Street there appears to be something trying to get out from beneath. Back in March 2010 I was told that  ‘the paving stones all have to be relayed as wrong size blocks were delivered‘.

Today I reported this particular lifting wobbly pavement to . I can’t remember anything having been done yet.

3 thoughts on “Lifting Wobbly Pavement

  1. Mr Grumpy

    Typical Abingdon……
    A very wise man once taught me to ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’
    I use this theory lots, but Abingdon doesnt seem to get it!
    1 – Traffic Light System
    2 – Street Paving
    3 – Market Place

    In the short period of time I have been in Abingdon, there is constantly repairs, alterations, adjustments going on at OUR expense!

    Its like ‘do the job once, twice, three times then wait and see what happens and if enough people mention it or hurt themselves, we will make a big song and dance about it and blame someone else’

    Its simple…
    Pay the best price, not the cheapest price, and you might end up with a good result

  2. Dave

    There’s got to be a public safety issue / risk of local authority being sued here, if the pavement is sticking up as much as it looks from the photo, or maybe he was just crouching down on the pavement when the photo was taken.

    My dear old Grandmother – God rest her soul – got a holiday to Thailand in her 80s out of just such a paving stone she fell over in Oxfordshire and injured her leg, although that one had been relaid by a utility company.

  3. Mr Grumpy

    I think the issue is not that the ‘wrong slaps were delivered’ but how they were layed.

    I watched the company laying the slaps and they were put on a bed of sand and the joints were left open so the only way for water to run off is through the gaps which affects the sand, thus making the slaps sink down when walked apon.

    The one in the picture is one of the water run off slaps that are higher in the corners to allow a channel of water to escape to the road, common sense would have thought that AT LEAST those designed to take water away would be bed on cement and the joints filled to create a water tight run off!!!!


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