Election of the Mayor of Ock Street

Today was Mayor’s Day: the election of the Mayor of Ock Street, the leader of the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers. So there was dancing throughout the day, and a procession between dancing locations behind the Horns.

The guest sides were the  Windsor Morris and the Vale Islanders.

The Polling Station at the Brewery Tap opened at 11 am and closed at 4 pm. People living or working in Ock Street get a vote.

There was dancing at the Black Swan; Abbey Gateway; Market Place; Broad Face; Long Alley Almshouses; and Brewery Cottages, Coopers Lane where Pam and Alick served the teams and other visitors with beer.

The previous Mayors of Ock Street, Roger Cox and Harry Knight did not stand this year, and so there were three younger candidates, none of whom had been Mayor before. The winner was Rob Charlton. Rob has been lead dancer and so the Morris Men now have an active dancer as  Mayor. The sword and cup of office was presented by the Mayor of Abingdon, Councillor Gabby Barody.

Rob then sat in the chair of office

and was paraded up and down Ock Street as is the custom.

There was then further dancing.

2 thoughts on “Election of the Mayor of Ock Street

  1. Spike S

    A wonderful tradition and good to see (relative) youngsters’ active participation for the ongoing health of Morris. Good show chaps and chapesses. And the pubs !


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