A detour through Abington (South Lanarkshire)

Driving down the M74 motorway, I was intrigued by the sign for “Abington Services,” I took the turn-off, but instead of the services, I was attracted by a sign to “Abington – 1.5 miles.”

Abington has a population of around 200 (2011 Census). Though the railway station succumbed to the “Beeching cuts” of the 1960s, the name “Station Road” remains. Despite its small size, Abington has amenities: including the Upper Clyde Parish Church, and the Abington General Store. For the locals, there’s the Abington Community Fire Station for emergencies, the Abington Hall for gatherings, and for the next generation there is the Abington Primary School with 39 pupils.

The Abington Hotel would make a good stop next time we’re headed that way. Abington’s appeal for visitors lies in its picturesque setting, close to the River Clyde with a walk and  hills forming a dramatic backdrop.

The road itself after passing through the village runs parallel to the M74 for a while before rejoining it, and so makes a pleasant detour as I speed back to Abingdon (population 37,931 2021 census) to see what has changed for the blog.

4 thoughts on “A detour through Abington (South Lanarkshire)

  1. Tim

    I was once stopped by a lorry driver who was looking for an address in Abingdon that I didn’t recognise. On studying the paperwork, he should have been in Abington. I wouldn’t have liked to have had that conversation with his boss.

    1. Ferbil

      There is also an Abington in Northampton, [formally a parish now part of Northampton]. Plus one in Massachusetts USA [Plymouth county].
      I expect the lorry driver was looking for the Northampton one as I have heard people confusing the two before.


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