Peace in the Garden

On Saturday, over 50 people from diverse backgrounds gathered in St Ethelwold’s garden, in Abingdon, to celebrate the dedication of a new peace pole. Councillor Gwyneth Lewis, the Mayor of Abingdon, expressed her full support for the initiative, highlighting Abingdon’s identity as a ‘town of peace.’ Her experiences with peace poles during her work with the United Nations has shown her their importance as a global symbol. Peace poles are simple monuments that carry a message of unity and hope.

The message on St Ethelwold’s Peace Pole is: ‘May Peace Prevail On Earth’. Alongside are translations in French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Welsh, and Irish Gaelic. (All six official languages of the United Nations and two other languages of the British Isles.)

The new peace pole in Abingdon joins countless others worldwide in an aspiration for peace.

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    Hi PPJS, It may be that the network was slow at my end, or somewhere, when you tried. Images are slower than text. See what happens in the next post and whether the problem persists. Best Wishes Backstreeter

    1. ppjs

      All back and working. I suspected it might have been at my end, but I just wanted to check.

      Thanks, as ever, for an amazing blog.


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