Inside the Church in Abingdon Quiz

The annual Church in Abingdon quiz set the brains buzzing on Friday, January 19th. Questions were set by last year’s champions, Christchurch Long Furlong. The quiz was held in one of Christchurch’s barns and raised funds for “See-saw,” a charity supporting bereaved children.

The quiz clashed with the Mayor’s quiz, which might explain why some of the usual participants were missing. It was also the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, so a good time for churches to get together.

I was surprised by my team’s deep knowledge of trivia. Bees have five eyes. Giraffes have blue tongues. Mary Ann Evans is better known as George Eliot. The highest volcano in the world is in Hawaii. Neil Diamond wrote “I’m a Believer” for the Monkeys. But it was Abingdon Baptist Church who ultimately won, and earned the honour of setting the questions and hosting next year’s quiz. After deductions for refreshments, the evening raised £94.27 for See-saw,

and one Franc. Thanks to Christchurch Long Furlong who created such an entertaining quiz, and such an enjoyable evening.

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