Music to start a marriage

At St Helen’s Church this morning, the organist was demonstrating music, for use during a church marriage ceremony, to a group of people soon to be married.

I was sitting in The Lady Chapel during this piece, intended for the end of the marriage ceremony. This is where the bridge and groom walk arm in arm, smiling this way and that at friends and family, then out of the church for some photographs, followed by a reception.

It is the start of a marriage. There may be some trouble ahead but where there is love and romance and adventure the music can keep on playing. Happy Valentine’s Day on Monday.

1 thought on “Music to start a marriage

  1. Hester

    Quite apart from the music, I love the footage of the beautiful painted ceiling in the Lady Chapel. I went to a very interesting talk about it a few years ago – especially about the work done by more sensitive 20th century conservators, to rescue it from the clumsier efforts of their Victorian predecessors.


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