Shoe Tree

Helen sent me a picture of a tree near the skate park and the leisure centre in Abingdon. She did not know who decorated it or why.

Guesses or insider information welcome.

8 thoughts on “Shoe Tree

  1. ChrisS

    We’ve seen shoes hanging from power lines and trees all over Europe and have been given many different explanations. These range from they are shoes that belonged to dead people and are waiting for their return to students letting off steam after exams. One explanation is that they are thrown up there as a form of bullying. The victim has to go home barefoot.

  2. Daniel

    Whilst those ideas may be lovely sentiments (in the main) it is more likely just a signal that drugs are available to purchase from this location.

    I know…in Abingdon!

    1. Colin

      Not sure why there needs to be a ‘batsignal’ that drugs are available. It’s not like they are standing under the tree and dealing from there!

  3. Phil

    No, you can’t have my number / username.

    What you need to do is search around for a tree with shoes hanging from the branches. When you find the tree, keep watch. When you see someone carrying a copy of the FT, use this password. If your password is correct, then you can put your order in for extra supplies. Nice one.


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