Old Berks Hunt in Abingdon

A meet of the Old Berks Hunt in Abingdon was once a popular event, especially on Boxing Day.

A crowd would gather to see the horses, hunts people and hounds. Pete lent me some old slides so I have added his name to the pictures. They appear to be from the mid 1970s.

Owing to the cold wind, it was not a good scenting morning that day.

The only fox gave them a run round near Bagley Woods, and was lost.

Fox Hunting has been banned since 2005 and since then the Old Berks Hunts have carried out trail hunting. They are based near Faringdon and no longer come to Abingdon on Boxing Day.

8 thoughts on “Old Berks Hunt in Abingdon

  1. Janet

    I can see what it became popular with farmers as foxes used to kill a lot of farm birds. I don’t know whether they used to take lambs also.

  2. Chris John

    Whilst it may have been banned it still goes on. They seems to think it’s one rule for them and one rule for us…..hmm now where have I heard that before, seems a common theme for this type in society

  3. PPJS

    I look forward to seeing similar comments about hare-coursing which happens locally to the dismay and despair of the local farmer I spoke to. Or about farming game bird for slaughter. Or about marital rape which police forces seem incapable of getting in front of the courts. Or about hate speech. Or about shrugging our shoulders when desperate people drown in the Channel.
    When we point the finger at others, three fingers point back at us.
    Happy Christmas (still!) and a bug-free New Year.


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