Abingdon gets 2nd Premier Inn

Back in 2007 Tesco wanted to expand the store to use the old garden centre. The garden centre was closed 10 years ago in 2011 and has been loosing roof tiles since then.

Two years ago Travelodge proposed putting a hotel on the site. Now, rival chain, Premier Inn have adapted the plans and have got planning permission for a hotel with 85 rooms.

There is already a Premier Inn half a mile away behind the Ock MIll Beefeater restaurant.

3 thoughts on “Abingdon gets 2nd Premier Inn

  1. Janet

    The Premier Inn behind the Ock Mill restaurant is very old and dated now. Abingdon needs hotels with reasonable rates. We often stay in Premier Inns. The offer a good service, clean rooms at a price that we can afford.

  2. ChrisS

    Is the existing Premier Inn to be updated or is the new one to be a replacement ? If a replacement then what will be built on the site of the Ock Mill one ?


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